Vigilant Egyptians - Crush ‘Brotherhood’ Remnants
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ONCE again, Egyptians have affirmed the correctness of President Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi’s options in rebuilding whatever the movement of chaos destroyed after Jan 25, 2011 which led to destruction of the national economy and ushered the country into the dungeons of terrorism.

Through this, the objective of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, with the help of foreign powers, was to destroy the Arab world as it failed to rule and establish its own State through ballot boxes.

These forces were not appeased by Egypt’s recovery after it brought down the ‘Brotherhood’ rule. Hence, in the last two weeks, the ‘Brotherhood’ attempted to stir chaos in a bid to affirm its ability to destabilize the country.

However, the response came from Egyptians who did not fall for the ‘Brotherhood’ rhetoric and false slogans, which continue to expose the group’s insincerity over the years.

Undoubtedly, the dark forces have realized that the recovery of Egypt and enhancement of its power signify the end of this group. Thus, the group attempted to disrupt the country through terrorist acts and to portray it as a State crumbling in a major livelihood crisis.

The group forgot that the major projects which have been accomplished; especially the new towns, industries, liberation of dollar rate and others, are enough to prove the national ability to foil any evil plan which threatens the wellbeing of Egypt; and subsequently, the Arab world.

In the past, Egypt, under the leadership of el-Sisi, engaged in battles on various frontiers – economic, political and security. It managed to achieve major success in all of these battles because its leader focused on the glory of his country, not his glory.

He knows the country of 100 million people needs more efforts because it is the cornerstone of the Arab world; such that the entire Arab world gets sick whenever it sneezes.

All Egyptians must realize this fact. They should be aware that the plot is not aimed at enforcing democracy but to support the power of darkness through the project adopted by Barack Obama known as, ‘Obama Doctrine’. This project is based on reordering the regimes in a way that favors local powers keen on accomplishing the strategic goal of the Obama Administration. The strategy also aims to divide countries in favor of Israel and help the latter become the most dominant power that decides the Arabs’ fate and the engine of future Arab economy. Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton made this statement in 2011 when she stressed that the USA will not abandon the Arab Spring and it will always be there to support the newborn democracy regardless of the minority which practices terrorism. She added the Palestinians living in Gaza must agree to live in Sinai as their alternative homeland.

In recent years, Egypt, led by el-Sisi, has been working hard to crush this project as it was proven that Mohammad Morsi and members of the Guidance Office of the ‘Brotherhood’ are involved in the scheme. They contacted Israelis in this regard several times and they were about to reach their goal. Thanks to the true revolution on June 30, 2013; the destructive project of Obama which targeted the entire Arab world was crushed.

Thus, the renewal of loyalty to el-Sisi was manifested in big crowds replying to demonstrations of the ‘Brotherhood’ and their followers. It was the real response which proved Egypt has recovered and it is capable of crushing Obama’s project.



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