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Vigilant Egyptians - Crush ‘Brotherhood’ Remnants ONCE again, Egyptians have affirmed the correctness of President Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi’s options in rebuilding whatever the movement of chaos destroyed after Jan 25, 2011 which led to destruction... September 29, 2019 237 Category: Opinion
New Surprise - Brotherhood Members Entered Using Christian Names The Egyptian prosecution and security services continue interrogating members of the Muslim Brotherhood cell who were arrested in Kuwait at the request of the Egyptian authorities and were extradited ... September 01, 2019 479 Category: Crime News
Egypt Interrogates Muslim Brotherhood Cell Members The Supreme State Security Prosecution of Egypt has renewed the detention for 15 days more of eight members of the Muslim Brotherhood cell who were arrested in Kuwait upon a request of the Egyptian In... August 22, 2019 372 Category: Kuwait
Muslim Brotherhood Cell Planned Expansion In GCC Countries The investigations carried out by the Egyptian security services and a report submitted to the Supreme State Security Prosecution show the ‘Brotherhood cell’ — whose members were rec... August 08, 2019 279 Category: Kuwait
Call To Prohibit Groups Linked To Brotherhood Kuwaiti political and parliamentary figures, as well as academics, have stressed the need to add Muslim Brotherhood groups to the terrorist list as they pose a serious threat to the country. In a s... July 15, 2019 237 Category: Kuwait
Al Mu Tamid Ibn Abbad Enlisted The Services Of The Marabout Brotherhood Who Snatched His Government And Banished Him HISTORY abounds with lessons on how countries change from one situation to another, and how a ruler should protect his country against dangers. The story of Al-Mu’tamid Ibn Abbad, ruler of Sevil... November 25, 2018 921 Category: article
Set An Example For People Spurious campaign’ ‘God and Gabriel and his angels support Erdogan’, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. I have never before seen a more false campaign embarked upon by the Muslim Brotherhood l... August 20, 2018 1273 Category: article
The Kuwaiti Brotherhood Attempts To Rescue Turkish Economy A number of economists, politicians and journalists said, “The Kuwaiti Brotherhood’s move to buy the Turkish lira will not help in increasing its value against the US dollar. They rushe... August 19, 2018 602 Category: Kuwait
Is Canada A Mouthpiece For Muslim Brotherhood PREVIOUSLY, whenever the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an institution in any of the European countries issues a report about one of the Arab countries, fear emerges and the targeted country holds con... August 07, 2018 1204 Category: article
Saudi Authorities Ban Dealing With Kuwait Charity Group Having Links With Muslim Brotherhood Saudi authorities have banned dealings with a Kuwaiti charity group over suspected links with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, reports quoting Saudi newspaper Okaz on Saturday. The Minist... July 23, 2018 419 Category: International
Muslim Brotherhood Source Of Adversity - Jordans Resilience Dispels Demon Dreams FOR the past 90 years, the Muslim world has been afflicted with an ailment called, ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. This group appointed itself as protector of the society that determines features of... June 10, 2018 1363 Category: article
Dr Ahmad Al-Atari Denied Allegations Against Him That He Affiliated To Muslim Brotherhood Director General of Public Authority for Applied Education and Training Dr Ahmad Al-Atari has denied allegations leveled against him that he is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood group, reports Al-R... April 12, 2017 734 Category: Kuwait
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