Travel Ban Imposed On Any Person Even If The Amount In Dispute Is Less Than KD 5
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The travel ban can be imposed on any person even if the amount in dispute is less than KD 5, reports Al-Rai daily. Minister of Justice, Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Dr Faleh Al-Azab said the administration of judicial fees has the right to impose a travel ban even if the ‘debt’ does not exceed KD 5.

The Ministry sources added the Minister of Justice has no authority over the Sentences Enforcement Department which falls within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Judicial Council and therefore any order must be made in coordination with the Public Prosecution and the Attorney- General especially since a judicial ruling is enforceable because it is issued in the name of His Highness the Amir irrespective of the amount of money involved.

The sources said that there is a department in the Ministry of Justice called the Department of Judicial Fees, which usually has the right to issue a travel ban on a person after a court ruling. Minister Al-Azab announced he had instructed the Sentences Enforcement Department and the Judicial Fees Department of the Ministry of Justice to prepare a vision to protect the dignity and freedom of citizens and expatriates especially if the money involved does not exceed KD 100.

The Al-Qabas daily quoting Al-Azab said the Ministry of Justice plans to open offices at land ports calling it a priority to facilitate the payment of money due to individuals or the state. He added, during a meeting with the Minister of Finance, he added, the latter has given his consent to provide this service at the land ports soon. Al-Azab pointed out this service at the land ports will facilitate travel of citizens and residents.


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