The New Board Of Directors Of Kuwait Airways Holds Its First Meeting
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Kuwait Airways said that its new board of directors held its first meeting under the chairmanship of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, in the presence of members of the board of directors.

The company stated, in a press release issued today, Monday, that the meeting that took place yesterday comes after the decision of Kuwaiti Finance Minister Barak Al-Sheitan, issued on August 27, to appoint a new board of directors for a period of three years.

They added that the meeting ended with the selection of the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Counselor Faisal Al-Gharib, in addition to forming the members of the working committees.

The statement quoted Al-Dukhan as saying, “We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to the political leadership in the country and to the Minister of Finance for the confidence they have placed in us in taking over the management of Kuwait Airways, praying to God Almighty to help us to be in good faith and achieve the Kuwaiti people’s aspirations to develop the national carrier.”

He added that the board of directors began its work by meeting with Finance Minister Barak Al-Sheitan, “whose directives and proposals he submitted to the council regarding the next stage, which was a road map, were listened to.”

He explained that the Board of Directors will work diligently and diligently to achieve these directives accurately and implement them in the required manner to achieve the most important goal, which is the elevation and advancement of the national carrier for the best as entrusted to him by the citizens of this great country, citizens and residents of this good land.

He mentioned that “Kuwait Airways” is entering a new era today with the reformulation of a new board of directors for the company full of ambitions and ready for challenges, especially in light of the current conditions that the commercial aviation sector is going through globally due to the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic.

He stated that the Board of Directors will work to develop appropriate and practical plans to meet all challenges and circumstances, study them carefully, and develop solutions that lead to the development and prosperity of all sectors of the company in order to meet the needs of customers in order to achieve their full satisfaction with its services and what it provides to them on board the aircraft of the national carrier.

He pointed out that the new board of directors is working on developing appropriate plans that will contribute to promoting the company to be among the airlines in the region.

He pointed out the homogeneity of ideas among the members and their insistence on embarking on that journey in the spirit of one team in the interest of the public interest of Kuwait Airways.

He said that the board of directors decided in its first meeting to choose Counselor Faisal Al-Gharib as vice-chairman of the board of directors, asking God Almighty to help him assume this responsibility.

He also expressed his hope that the new board of directors would meet everyone’s expectations in a way that would benefit the beloved country of Kuwait.


Source: Alqaba

31 Aug, 2020 1454
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