The Airport Is Ready To Resume Commercial Flights
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After the Council of Ministers decided to reopen the ports, the General Administration of Civil Aviation made the necessary preparations to turn the wheel of work at the airport, and to resume the operation of commercial flights, starting from 4 am on Saturday, corresponding to January 2, 2021.

The Deputy Director General for Kuwait International Airport Affairs, Saleh Al-Fadaghi, directed the operating airlines to prepare to operate according to the flight schedule, in implementation of the Cabinet's decision.

Al-Fadaghi clarified in the circular, which Al-Qabas obtained, that the decisions will be reviewed according to new developments regarding the spread of the Corona virus.

In addition, a responsible source revealed to "Al-Qabas" that the decision to prevent entry to non-Kuwaiti passengers from 35 banned countries is still in effect, whether arriving directly or via transit unless the arrivals have settled in a non-prohibited country for a period of 14 days with their presentation of an approved PCR examination certificate. .

Operational plan

The source indicated that the operational plan for the first phase of operating commercial flights will remain as it is without reduction, saying, “According to the plan, the first phase will not exceed 30%, with a passenger rate of 10,000 passengers, and this phase ends on January 31, in preparation for the start of the second phase. ».

The source indicated that the first incoming trips to the country will be from Turkey, indicating that the technical and medical devices are ready to resume commercial trips, stressing that the medical procedures are as they are and have not changed, adding, “No new instructions have arrived from the health authorities about any change in health procedures. Related to checking arrivals ».

With regard to those coming from Britain after being added to the list of banned countries recently, the source said: Dealing with non-Kuwaitis coming from the United Kingdom will be similar to other banned countries, but that Kuwaitis can return to the country after passing through a (transit) station in non-prohibited countries with commitment. Perform a pcr test.



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