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Unaccredited foreign universities shouldn't be enrolled in Fatima Al-Sinan, assistant undersecretary for scholarships, equivalencies, and cultural relations at the Ministry of Higher Education, announced that Feb 28 is the last date for registering scholarshi... February 13, 2022 191 Category: Education
Academic Accreditation Adds 4 Countries To The List Of Recommended Universities The Director General of the National Authority for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance, Dr. Hamad Al-Adwani, announced the addition of four countries to the list of recommended univ... November 07, 2020 802 Category: Education
Kuwaitis Enrolled In Egyptian Universities Face Challenges More than 20,000 Kuwaiti students who had enrolled in Egyptian universities are facing difficult challenges in terms of the upcoming start of the new academic year due to the continued suspension of f... October 03, 2020 538 Category: Kuwait
Fake Universities & Degrees One of the ridiculous, ironic things practiced by the hardliners is the contradiction in their lives. They are always critical of the West, its culture and lifestyle and warn young people against foll... April 21, 2019 665 Category: Opinion
Kuwait Society Of Engineers Takes Part In Indian Universities Ranking Event A delegation from Kuwait Society of Engineers participated in the annual universities ranking event held in New Delhi that was attended by Indian President Ram Nath Kovind. In a statement to KUNA, ... April 10, 2019 473 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Doubt On Sergeants Degrees Obtained Form weak Universities Of Egypt In Last 5 years MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel has requested the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah to provide him the list of sergeants who have obtained Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees... April 04, 2019 275 Category: Kuwait
MOE Will Not Authenticate Any Certificates Issued By Universities Not Recognized By Ministry Ministry of Higher Education did not authenticate any certificates issued by universities not recognized by the ministry due to their incompetence, Minister Dr Hamed Al-Azmi said Monday. Al-Azmi, a... April 02, 2019 373 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Society Of Engineers Dont Recognize Part Time Degree From N B A Accredited Universities Or Colleges I am a civil engineer by profession and working in Kuwait for the past 2 years. Recently I submitted my application for K.S.E membership. After 1 month when I enquired about the membership they said I... April 01, 2019 1583 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Professors At Universities Use Toilets Meant For Disabled Students Some university departments have converted toilets meant for people with disabilities for use by teachers and other staff members, reports Al-Qabas daily. One of such toilets have been closed and inst... November 01, 2018 847 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Embassy Has Denied That Universities Issued Fake Bachelors Certificates To Kuwaiti Students The Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait has denied that universities in Egypt issued fake bachelors certificates (BA) or post-graduate degrees to Kuwaiti students, reports gdnonline. com. Some individuals were... July 30, 2018 488 Category: Kuwait
Bedoun Mandate Eyed For Private Universities The Ministry of Higher Education recently issued a decree requiring students applying for scholarship abroad to pass the International English language Testing System (IELTS). However, MP Mohammed ... June 12, 2018 463 Category: Kuwait
Degrees Of 14 Kuwaitis Under Probe The Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the authenticity of degree certificates of 14 Kuwaitis who allegedly acquired them from Arab and Western universities, reports Al-Qabas daily. ... May 28, 2018 512 Category: Crime News
Suspend Work Permits To Expat Engineers Who Did Not Obtain Certification From Kuwait Engineers Society The issue on accreditation of expatriate engineers remains vague in light of the circular released by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) to suspend granting work permits to expatriate engineers w... March 25, 2018 3093 Category: Kuwait
Employees Hired In Public Sector On The Strength Of Certificates From The Universities In Athens Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Mohamed Al-Faris said the decision to declare null and void the appointment of employees hired in the public sector on the strength of certificat... September 29, 2017 829 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait University Was Formed To Study The Issue Of Fake Certificates The recommendations of the fact-finding committee of Kuwait University that was formed to study the issue of fake certificates at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training will be implem... July 03, 2017 713 Category: Crime News
CSC Revealed That About 16,000 Citizens Will Enter The Labor Market In 2018 A study conducted by the Systems Development Department at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) revealed that about 16,000 citizens will enter the labor market in 2018 compared to 15,000 this year, repo... June 25, 2017 1102 Category: Kuwait
KU Rank In 24th Position Among Arab Universities Kuwait University’s rank in 24th position among Arab universities and last among Gulf universities by the QS Corporation for Classification of Universities has raised varied reactions from sever... April 25, 2017 1023 Category: Kuwait
Drug Tests For Students, Employees And Military Personnel Is Mandatory In Kuwait Kuwaiti lawmakers have proposed mandatory drug tests for students, employees and military personnel in Kuwait.The proposal has been submitted by Faisal Al Kindari, Khalid Abdullah, Saud Al Shuwair, Sa... March 07, 2017 1186 Category: Kuwait
Legal Measures Will Be Taken Against Expat Teachers Who Offer Private Tuitions Undersecretary of Ministry of Education Haitham Al-Atari insisted that legal measures will be taken against expatriate teachers who offer private tuitions to students without the approval of the minis... January 25, 2017 653 Category: Kuwait
General Dr Habib Abul Has Affirmed The Inauguration Of 7 Private Universities Soon Private Universities Council Secretary- General Dr Habib Abul has affirmed the inauguration of seven private universities soon. In an interview with the daily recently, Abul hinted on the probability ... January 10, 2017 878 Category: Kuwait
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