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Poll: 73% Of Adults Can’t Go A Whole Day Without Looking At A Screen Most days nowadays involve people staring at one screen and then moving to another screen, as screens nowadays vary between computer screens, tablet screens, smart phone screens, TVs, and others. A... July 27, 2021 292 Category: Information
Exposure To A Computer Screen Doubles Obesity, Eye And Bone Problems The emergence and spread of the “Corona” pandemic imposed a new reality that we were not accustomed to before the year 2020, and the impact of the epidemic on all aspects of life, health, ... October 12, 2020 486 Category: Health
Screenwriting Workshop , Kuwait - 16 - 18 Dec SCREEN WRITING WORKSHOP 3day workshop open to all levels , mentored by american Lebense writer and film director , darine hotait for more info and registraion: December 11, 2015 3726 Category: Events
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