Exposure To A Computer Screen Doubles Obesity, Eye And Bone Problems
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The emergence and spread of the “Corona” pandemic imposed a new reality that we were not accustomed to before the year 2020, and the impact of the epidemic on all aspects of life, health, social and economic, especially educational, which has shifted from traditional to distance education, which is a new reality for millions of students in every Countries, including Kuwait.

Medical studies and research indicate that sitting and being exposed to a computer or mobile phone screen for more than two hours a day leads to major health problems, especially for young children under 10 years old, and there are many health problems due to exposure to a computer screen, as it leads to eye problems, and leads to obesity Weight gain, along with spinal problems and others.

Eye problems

The consultant ophthalmologist d. Yousef Al-Dhafiri that distance education will lead to a significant increase in children who suffer from eye strain, due to the increase in exposure time to the computer screen.

He added, “The reason behind headaches, blurred vision, and dry tired eyes is that we do not blink much while using computers and other digital devices, which makes the eyes dry and irritated,” pointing out that reading or extended writing or intense close work may lead to eye strain as well.

And he added: “When we focus on the same distance for a long time, this can cause our vision to become temporarily blurred, and muscle fatigue around the eyes, which may cause headaches,” calling for avoiding using the computer in a dark room, because when the pupil expands to accommodate the dark Screen brightness exacerbates subsequent images and causes discomfort.


Sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods, in addition to eye problems, leads to weight gain, which may expose the child to some diseases, including diabetes, in addition to sitting in front of a computer or laptop screen for long periods of time causes pain in the neck and back, and leads to problems in the column Later vertebral.

Medical studies indicate that sitting in front of a screen for long periods causes pressure on the shoulders and the spine, and prevents blood and nutrients from reaching the rest of the back and spine, which leads to severe pain in the back and shoulders, and infection of the disc and spine, and also leads to obesity, As a result of students sitting for periods without movement, as well as the muscles burn a small amount of fat, and blood moves slowly through the blood vessels, which leads to the occurrence of blood clots, as a result of high blood pressure.


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