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Assembly To Review New Medical Fees The increase in fees of medical services for expats will be reviewed by Parliament as MPs believe that the decision deserved a second look, local media reported. Although, the minister has the auth... August 09, 2017 1171 Category: Kuwait
Health Ministry To Review Programs Strategies In Line With The SDGs Of The 2030 Vision A senior official has referred to an "orientation" to review, and modernize the national health strategies and programs in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Visi... July 30, 2017 484 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Carries Review Of Economic And Financial Reform Document To Expand Estimation Indexes Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh says his ministry usually carries out comprehensive review of the economic and financial reform document in order to expand estimation index... February 06, 2017 524 Category: Kuwait
MP Called For A Review Of The Citizens Retirement Law MP Faisal Al- Kandari has called for a review of the Citizens Retirement Law, pointing out the law is unfair and so it should be amended. In a press statement, Al-Kandari suggested granting women the ... January 05, 2017 1584 Category: Kuwait
MOI Urges Kuwaitis And Expats To Review The Expiry Date Of Passports Of Domestics General Department of Public Relations and Media Security at the Ministry of Interior urges Kuwaitis and expatriates to review the expiry date of passports held by their domestic workers to avoid expo... December 20, 2016 1115 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Review Passport Policy For Stateless People Residing In The Country Kuwait is to toughen up its measures regarding handing passports to stateless people residing in the country following the murder of a Kuwaiti citizen in Thailand. The Kuwaiti army officer was st... May 09, 2016 7188 Category: Kuwait
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