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Failure To Renew US Army Employment Contracts Raises A Crisis A crisis emerged when the State Department received a complaint from the United States Embassy in the country stating that there is some confusion in renewing work permits for workers at American base... December 28, 2020 724 Category: Kuwait
Renew Residency Before The Year Ends Or Pay Fine  The Public Authority for Manpower has warned those whose residency will expire before January 12 not to fall into problems and end up paying fines. The PAM sources said those who fall in this ca... December 27, 2020 1158 Category: Information
97,612 Expats Above 60 Yrs Of Age Will Not Be Able To Renew Their Residence Statistics issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information show there are 97,612 expatiates who have reached the age of 60 and above and renewal of their residence as of permits will not be possi... August 24, 2020 9957 Category: Expats
6000 Citizens And Expats Renewed Driving Licenses Online Six thousand citizens and expats renewed their driving licenses online from last Saturday until yesterday evening (Wednesday), reported Al Qabas daily. About 60 percent are expats, and 40 percent are ... June 11, 2020 1814 Category: Coronavirus
Both Out Of Country For Medical Reasons Want To Renew Wife’s Residence Me and my wife came together to India for vacation I had an accident and not able to travel for another 3 months. My wife residency is expiring on February 5, 2020. What’s the solution to renew.... February 11, 2020 437 Category: Legal
Now Private Companies Can Renew Expats Residence Online The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Residence Affairs, Major General Talal Marafi, announced that residence renewal of Article 18 can be done online starting from next month (... February 11, 2020 1670 Category: Civil ID
Expats Working In The Private Sector Can Renew Their Residency Electronically Finally, more than 3 million expatriates working in the private sector can renew their residency electronically, in a step towards the completion of technical services and the application of e-governm... September 25, 2019 4871 Category: Kuwait
TESTS FOR SOME EXPAT WORKERS TO RENEW RESIDENCY VISAS Kuwait’s Manpower Authority has started subjecting expatriates in some jobs such as teaching people with special needs to professional tests as a condition for renewing their residency visas. &l... May 25, 2019 1623 Category: Kuwait
No Plan To Renew Contract Of 581 Expats The Ministry of Justice does not plan to renew the contract of 581 expatriate typists imported and instead will recruit Kuwaitis to fill these positions in line with the government’s Kuwaitizati... January 21, 2019 716 Category: Kuwait
University Degree Needed To Renew Job Title Of Managers Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has issued Administrative Circular No.104/2018 to renew the job titles of managers who were appointed before Jan 1, 2011 without the university degree. He explai... December 18, 2018 468 Category: Kuwait
NOC From Kuwait Society Of Engineers To Renew Driving License I am a civil engineer working in Kuwait, I have a valid driving license and my Iqama is based on the Civil Engineering Profession. My driving license is going to expire on 25/01/2019, but my Iqama is ... October 05, 2018 1790 Category: Driving License
Cut Need To Renew Work Permit For Kuwaitis To Get MGRP Funds MP Abdulwahab Al-Babtain has submitted a proposal to cancel the requirement for Kuwaiti private sector employees to renew their work permit annually in order to receive financial support from the Manp... October 04, 2018 431 Category: Kuwait
No Extension ,renew Or Transfer Visit, Work Or Family Visas For Syrians Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Nationality and Passport Affairs, Brigadier-General Talal Marafie, has issued instructions to the directors-general and their assistants at all immigrati... June 28, 2018 2167 Category: Kuwait
Syrian Teachers Are Not Exempted From Retirement Director of Human Resources Department in the Ministry of Education Saoud Al- Jowaiser has clarified that Syrian teachers are not exempted from the Cabinet resolution on terminating the services of th... June 13, 2018 501 Category: Kuwait
No Need For Computer Programmers To Register In Kuwait Society Of Engineers For NOC I am BSc degree holder and my designation is Computer Programmer on work permit. As per new policy do I need to register in Kuwait Society of Engineers to renew my work permit or only engineers need t... April 09, 2018 3076 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
KES Nod Vital To Renew The Residency Permits Of Expatriate Engineers The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) issued a circular to all labor departments not to renew the residency permits of expatriate engineers unless they obtain a no-objection certificate from Kuwait ... March 12, 2018 1573 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Given Directives Of The DPM To Renew The Visit Visas Of Syrians The Ministry of the Interior has given directives of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah to renew the visit visas of Syrians for 3 months through the Department... July 06, 2017 631 Category: Visit Visa
Father In Prison Can Mother Renew Residence Of Children I am a mother of 2 kids (7 years old and 2 years old) my visa is 18 working with 450 KD salary. The father of my children was sentenced to jail for 5 years and under 1st appeal in the court, my son&rs... April 18, 2017 1291 Category: Legal
Dependent Visa For A Daughter Above 18 Yrs Old I am an ardent reader of your newspaper and follow articles on the Legal Clinic as well. I thank you for the proper response to variety of problems. I have one query as below: My daughter was born ... March 23, 2017 2479 Category: Dependent Visa
Sponsoring Parents On Family Residence I am residing in Kuwait with my father. My father has also been working here for the past 22 years. He is 71 years old and my mother passed away 3 years ago. He is on an Article 18 residence but his i... March 07, 2017 971 Category: Legal
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