No Need For Computer Programmers To Register In Kuwait Society Of Engineers For NOC
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I am BSc degree holder and my designation is Computer Programmer on work permit. As per new policy do I need to register in Kuwait Society of Engineers to renew my work permit or only engineers need to register in KSE. In this policy only for public sector or private sector Engineers also need to register to renew work permit?

Name withheld

Answer: You are neither a civil or mechanical engineer or any other engineer in the strict sense of the word. With this established, you don’t therefore need to register with the Kuwait Society of Engineers with the aim of getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to enable you renew your work permit.


The policy of registering with Kuwait Society of Engineers covers is applicable to all those working as engineers in both the public and private sectors.


09 Apr, 2018 2 2561
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