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PAM, MoI Join Hands To Curb Fake Absconding Reports On Employees In a move aimed at curbing some sponsors from misusing the facility to file absconding reports, especially those filed maliciously against an employee, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is embar... June 19, 2021 179 Category: Kuwait
Amending The Entry Dates From The Land Borders Of The State Of Kuwait, Starting Next Sunday - MOI yesterday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced the amendment of the dates for allowing entry from the land borders, starting next Sunday, to become from 4 pm to 10 pm instead of 9 am to 3 pm, i... June 11, 2021 1617 Category: Kuwait
Two Held With Dugs The Ministry of Interior announced that the Criminal Security Sector represented by the General Administration for Drug Control managed to arrest two residents, an Asian and Arab, in possession of one... June 10, 2021 221 Category: Crime News
Adhere To Health Rules, Prevent Covid Spread: MoI The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has called on citizens and residents to comply with the decisions of the Council of Ministers and adhere to health requirements and avoid gatherings in public or private... June 02, 2021 269 Category: Coronavirus
MOI Launch Auto Answering Service Sanad For WhatsApp Help The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that within the framework of improving the service rendered by the Ministry of Interior, authorities la... May 31, 2021 245 Category: Information
MoI Reveals 2.8 Million Residency Visa Transactions Completed Since Launch Of Online Service The General Administration of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced today, Wednesday, that 2,819,996 transactions have been completed related to the issuance of residency vis... May 26, 2021 445 Category: Kuwait
MoI Issues 6855 Tickets For Reckless Driving In 2020 The Ministry of Interior (MoI) stated that in 2020 the traffic sector issued 257,636 tickets to drivers who passed red lights, 64,090 for not wearing seat belts, 29,062 for using a mobile phone while ... May 24, 2021 132 Category: Crime News
The Ministry Of Interior Calls On Road Users To Be Careful The General Administration of Security Relations and Information at the Ministry of Interior called on road users and sea-goers to be vigilant due to the dust-stirring wind activity in some exposed ar... May 24, 2021 278 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Interior Calls On Citizens And Residents To Adhere To Health Requirements And Prevent Gatherings Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Interior called on citizens and residents to adhere to what was stated in the decisions of the Council of Ministers of the need to continue adhering to health require... May 19, 2021 184 Category: Kuwait
‘Get MoH, MoI Nod For Gatherings’ No gatherings or rallies are allowed without the approval of the Ministry of Health and permission from the Ministry of Interior, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a high-ranking security source. The s... May 17, 2021 294 Category: Kuwait
The Interior Ministry: We Will Not Allow Any Unauthorized Gatherings The Ministry of the Interior affirmed the freedom of expression and assembly in solidarity with the Palestinian cause and the crimes that the brotherly Palestinian people are exposed to at the hands o... May 16, 2021 374 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Interior Thanks The Citizens And Residents For Their Commitment To The Partial Curfew The Ministry of Interior congratulated His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad and His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad and to the citizens and residents on the occasion of Eid Al... May 12, 2021 584 Category: Kuwait
The United Nations And MoI Release A Joint Statement On World Press Freedom Day Each year on May 3, UNESCO celebrates the World Press Freedom Day. Proclaimed in 1993 by the UN General Assembly, following a Recommendation adopted at the twenty-sixth session of UNESCO’s Gener... May 03, 2021 179 Category: Kuwait
MoI Shuts Down Girga’an Gathering In Abdullah Al-Salem A Girga’an party was organized in violation of the health regulations in a suburb of Abdullah Al-Salem, Al Jarida reported. The security men in the area dispersed the gathering, and the owner... May 02, 2021 394 Category: Kuwait
MOI Appeals To Everyone Not To Gather In Private Of Public Places The General Administration for Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior called on everyone not to gather, whether in public or private places, and not to organize “Gergean”... April 25, 2021 299 Category: Kuwait
MoI Clarifies About Reports Over Covering Up Of A Complaint Lodged Against Woman The Ministry of Interior has issued a clarification statement regarding the reports circulating on some social media sites that accuse an official of the Ministry of Interior of covering up a complain... April 20, 2021 211 Category: Crime News
The Ministry Of Interior Denies 40 Inmates Contacted Coronavirus The General Administration of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior denied what was circulated on some social media sites regarding the spread of the Corona virus among more than 40... April 10, 2021 453 Category: Coronavirus
MOI Reveals That 17,000 Bedoons Paid KD 3,000 Each As Bribes To Sheikh Mazen To Obtain Passports In its annual report on human rights in Kuwait, the US State Department revealed that, in July, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior disclosed that approximately 17,000 Bedoons paid KD 3,000 dinars each i... April 03, 2021 1199 Category: Crime News
MOI Filed A Complaint Against 38 MPs For Violating Health Requirements Ministry of Interior (MoI) has referred 38 MPs to the Public Prosecution for celebrating the winning of parliamentary seats and violating the Health requirements, Al-Rai reported. MOI demanded an i... March 16, 2021 194 Category: Kuwait
Control Of Children's Instigators Of Suicide - MoI The Ministry of Interior announced, in an explanatory statement, of a video clip circulating on some social media sites, which includes a person throwing his mobile phone from a high place through a l... March 13, 2021 450 Category: Kuwait