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MOI Suspends Issuing Of Family Visas to Expats Until Further Notice Al-Anba reported that the residency affairs department has stopped issuing family entry visas to expatriates until further notice. According to the Al-Anba report, the senior leadership of the Mini... August 15, 2022 919 Category: Visit Visa
MOI Is Monitoring Illegal Immigrants According to Al-Rai daily, a security team led by Lieutenant-General Anwar Al-Barjas and Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh blocked off the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula neighborhoods for the second day i... August 15, 2022 382 Category: Kuwait
The Interior Ministry Is On The Lookout For Illegal Residents A security team led by Lieutenant-General Anwar Al-Barjas and Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh cordoned off the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Mahboula areas for the second day in a row, reports Al-Rai daily. A t... August 14, 2022 358 Category: Crime News
Two MOI Sites Raided, By-elections Halted, Suspects Arrested The Criminal Security Sector has detained a number of people for staging by-elections, according to the General Administration of Public Relations and Security Media of the Ministry of Interior. &n... August 10, 2022 88 Category: Kuwait
Photographing Accidents Involving Dead Bodies Is Punishable; MoI Summons Photographer According to the Ministry of Interior, filming accident scenes with dead bodies is punishable by law because it violates the dignity of people and the sanctity of the dead. In response to a video c... August 01, 2022 385 Category: Crime News
Husseiniyas' Security Will Be Tightened By The MoI On the eve of the month of Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar), the Ministry of Interior has completed preparations to keep up with the Husseiniya activities beginning on the first day ... July 27, 2022 226 Category: Kuwait
Misleading Or False News Should Not Be Published, Warns MOI In a statement to Al-Jarida daily, the Ministry of Information said it will not stand idly by while media outlets are publishing false or misleading news that may cause political instability in the co... July 24, 2022 124 Category: Kuwait
The MOI May Ban Visas To 10 Countries The Ministry of the Interior is now considering a proposal to prohibit all sorts of visas for roughly ten countries, the most of which are African, such as Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Be... June 20, 2022 7122 Category: Visit Visa
MOI officer seized 3 containers containing 5 million Captagon pills Lieutenant-General Anwar Abdul Latif Al-Barjas, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, supervised the inspection of three containers containing approximately 5 million Captagon pills that arr... June 05, 2022 229 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Interior: Beware of Fake Websites The Ministry of Interior has issued a warning about a website imitating the Ministry of Interior that is attempting to collect payments from Kuwaitis and ex-pats. The ministry has advised against... June 05, 2022 285 Category: Kuwait
Fine to be imposed on Expat Visit Visa Sponsors Since the people they brought into the country on visit visas have not left, the Ministry of Interior is considering imposing penalties on some foreign sponsors. According to the AlAnba daily newspape... May 29, 2022 2492 Category: Visit Visa
Permit For Rally Denied By MOI A statement released by the General Dept. of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior urged all participants to follow the laws governing the organizing of rallies and gatherings. A... May 25, 2022 152 Category: Kuwait
Dust Wave Is Expected To Persist Until Tomorrow Morning, MoI Urges Caution In light of the current dust wave and low visibility in the country, the Ministry of the Interior urges the public to exercise caution. In a press release, the Ministry encouraged the public to cal... May 16, 2022 422 Category: Weather in Kuwait
MoI Requests Municipality Not To Issue Temporary Trade Fair Permits The Kuwait Municipality has been asked by the Ministry of Interior not to issue any temporary trade fair permits in public parks within residential and model housing districts. Lieutenant-General A... May 12, 2022 73 Category: Kuwait
Report Minor Traffic Accidents Through Mobile App According to Al-Qabas daily, the parliament's Internal Affairs and Defense Committee has approved a proposal to create a smartphone application on the Ministry of Interior's website, through w... May 08, 2022 314 Category: Kuwait
GCC Citizens Can Use IDs To Enter Kuwait - MOI As of tomorrow, Friday, Kuwait's Ministry of Interior has reintroduced the waiver of travel documentation for nationals of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member nations. Kuwaiti nationals and citi... April 30, 2022 242 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Ministry Of Interior Inspects Worship Places For Security On Wednesday, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Gen. (Rtd) Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah inspected the security installations stationed at places of worship. According... April 28, 2022 146 Category: Kuwait
MoI Says Ramadan Security Measures Are In Full Swing According to the Ministry of Interior, Kuwaiti security forces are preparing for the last 10 days of Ramadan with vital security and traffic measures and preparations. The ministry's security m... April 21, 2022 99 Category: Kuwait
Security Preparations By MoI For The Final Ten Days Of Ramadan Have Been Completed Accordingly, the Ministry of Interior has completed its security arrangements as well as its traffic control arrangements for the last ten days of Ramadan. As instructed by First Deputy Prime Minis... April 20, 2022 158 Category: Ramadan
Study Of Increases In Service Fees By MOI Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, will be presented with a memo containing suggestions to increase the fees charged by various departments within the Min... April 13, 2022 167 Category: Kuwait
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