MOI Warned Citizens And Residents Not Set Up Camps Near Military Or Oil Installations
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Citizens, residents should not camp close to military, oil facilities nor near transmission towers or highways. Everyone should not camp outside the areas, specified by the authorities concerned, said Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash, Director of Public Relations and Security Media Department.

The ministry this year is launching a campaign with start of the camping season to raise awareness among citizens and residents about their rights and responsibilities, he added. It includes guidelines to be publicized through radio and television as well as brochures that stress need to abide by laws during the camping season.

Deployment of security personnel will be spread in all areas and in all seasons, especially the camping season, he said. Security authorities are ready to receives calls from citizens or residents, via (112), or civil defense operations (1804000) to provide humanitarian, security and traffic assistance.



02 Nov, 2015 1675
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