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Cryptocurrency Crash Causes Kuwaiti To Lose $2.5m Kuwaiti man loses $2.5 million in cryptocurrency crash, local newspaper reports. He owned cryptocurrency Luna worth $2.5 million, Abu Ahmed said. Al Rai media quoted him as saying, his investment c... May 18, 2022 2061 Category: Crypto
Kuwait Loses 1.2 Billion Dinars A Year Due To Corruption The US State Department's annual report on human rights in Kuwait for 2021 focuses light on incidents of government officials abusing their positions and escaping punishment despite all evidence o... April 14, 2022 180 Category: Kuwait
Airport Suffers Losses Of KD 193 Million A Month Due To Failure To Ease Procedures For Those Vaccinated The Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Federation of Kuwaiti Travel and Tourism Agencies, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, called on the government to take effective and realistic measures to lift restrict... May 16, 2021 1122 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Teen Loses Life In Friend’s strangulation Salwa witnessed a horrific murder, in which an 18-year-old Kuwaiti was strangled to death by his friend. A security source said after the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received a report ... January 18, 2021 630 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Man Loses 500 Dinars Due To Faulty ATM Police are looking for an unidentified person for ‘stealing’ 500 dinars from a teller machine, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added a Kuwaiti went to a teller machine to withdraw money an... September 16, 2020 695 Category: Information
India’s Ruling Party Loses Key State Election Amid Protests Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party has lost a key state legislature election, a setback for the party as it faces massive anti-government protests against a contentiou... December 25, 2019 911 Category: India
Kuwaiti Who Converted To Judaism Loses Citizenship Kuwait's Ministry of Interior has revoked the citizenship of a man who converted to Judaism. The 25-year-old Kuwaiti citizen has been identified as Youssef Al Mehanna. Mehanna changed his na... December 19, 2019 3498 Category: Kuwait
India Loses Communication With Its Unmanned Moon Lander India’s space agency says it has lost communication with its unmanned spacecraft that was set to touch down Saturday on the moon’s south pole. “Communications from lander to gro... September 07, 2019 1216 Category: India
Kuwait Loses Unique Cheap Internet – 400 Percent Increase In Rent The teeming consumers and Internet Service Providers welcomed the new year with three ministerial decisions issued by the Ministry of Services to increase rent fees for the space and masts used by the... January 24, 2019 1293 Category: Kuwait
Court Dismissed Lawsuit Filed By A Kuwaiti Woman Against Her Husband The First Instance Court (Family Court Circuit) dismissed the lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti woman against her husband and his mother, requesting the court to grant her custody of her children. The wom... July 28, 2017 530 Category: Crime News
Mother Loses Children's Custody For Spending Hours Smoking Shisha A mother in Kuwait has lost the custody of her children after she was accused of spending hours smoking shisha outside her home. The Family Court said that evidence shows that the mother devoted a lot... November 19, 2016 2353 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Stock Exchange Loses 60 Percent Over Britain's Exit From EU Dealings at Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) on Sunday suffered big losses on the backdrop of Britain's exit from the European Union through a referendum where the price index of the market lost about ... June 27, 2016 973 Category: Kuwait
Filipino Woman Loses Cash In Prize Scam The trend of disseminating annoying and false promotional messages via mobile phone about winning KD 20,000 increases day by day , a Filipino woman was received a call from a person iN UAE claimi... March 15, 2016 14825 Category: Kuwait
Maid Loses Sight After Employer's Attack Saudi woman and her daughter assault the maid An Indonesian housemaid in Saudi Arabia lost her sight after she was hit on the head with a blunt object by her female employer, a newspaper reported... November 25, 2015 2018 Category: Kuwait
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