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Lawyer Jailed Over Child Drugs In Kuwait Reuters reports that a prosecutor in Kuwait remanded a lawyer for 21 days pending further investigation into allegations that he compelled a boy to take drugs and sexually assaulted him. Al Qabas n... May 12, 2022 218 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Found Guilty, Sentenced To 3 Mnts Imprisonment The Misdemeanor Court found a lawyer and 9 court bailiffs guilty of disclosing private information in confidential cases, and photographing the documents without the court’s approval and sentenc... January 16, 2022 127 Category: Crime News
Bid To ‘smuggle’ Man Foiled; Lawyer Offered Bribe To A Female Officer At The Airport The Court of Appeals adjourned to October 7 the case filed against a lawyer and his client who are accused of bribing an employee of the immigration authority. They were earlier sentenced to five-year... September 30, 2021 606 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Gets 10 Years Jail In Absentia The Criminal Court recently sentenced a fugitive lawyer to 10 years in prison with hard labor, fined him KD2,005,983 and obligated him to pay the value of the funds associated with the real estate fra... July 15, 2021 325 Category: Crime News
5 Yrs In Prison For A Lawyer And His Expat Client – Bribing Immigration Dept Employee Criminal court sentenced a lawyer and his expat client to 5 years in prison with hard labour, and also banned the lawyer from practicing law for 10 years on charges of bribery and attempting to smuggl... June 28, 2021 841 Category: Crime News
Case Of ‘illegal’ Sex Between A Lawyer And A Nurse The Court of Appeal, headed by Counselor Nasr Al Haid has set Sept 2, 2021, to look into the case of a lawyer and a nurse who are accused of illicit sexual relations and aborting the fetus, reports Al... June 26, 2021 1263 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Sues Government For Delaying Second Dose Of AstraZeneca Lawyer Fadhil Al-Basman demands a moral compensation of KD 5001 for the damages he, the citizens and residents sustained as a result of not receiving the second dose of the Oxford vaccine, similar to ... June 07, 2021 877 Category: Kuwait
Court Suspends Serving MP Lawyer For 3 Months The disciplinary section of the Court of Cassation decided to suspend a lawyer, who is currently an MP, from practicing the legal profession for a period of three months, after committing serious negl... February 20, 2021 376 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Gets 7 Years For Forcing Abortion The Criminal Court has sentenced a lawyer to 7 years imprisonment with hard labor for assaulting his ‘wife’ and forcing her to abort the fetus, reports Al-Anba daily. The court also found ... January 31, 2021 482 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Held With Drugs The Criminal Court headed by Counselor Muhammad Al-Sane’a ordered the arrest of a lawyer on charges of possessing narcotic substances and put behind bars at the Central Prison, reports Al-Seyass... January 14, 2021 403 Category: Crime News
Egyptians And A Kuwaiti Sentenced To 15 Yrs Imprisonment For Kidnapping, Beating A Kuwaiti Lawyer The Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by the Criminal Court which sentenced a Kuwaiti lawyer and four Egyptian employees of his office to life imprisonment for kidnapping and beating his ... December 01, 2020 313 Category: Automotive
Lawyer Referred For Human Trafficking And Money Laundering The Public Prosecution has referred an unidentified lawyer to the Criminal Court for human trafficking and money laundering, reports Al-Anba daily. An informed source stated the Criminal Court will lo... October 14, 2020 543 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Forges His Law Degree The Board of Directors of the Kuwait Bar Association has issued a decision to delete the name of an unidentified attorney from its records after the Court of Cassation found the man guilty of forging ... September 24, 2020 606 Category: Crime News
Sheikh And Lawyer On Watch List As Money Laundering Crackdown Continues In Kuwait Abu Dhabi: Three Kuwaiti officers have been indicted, while a sheikh and a lawyer are on the intelligence authorities’ radars for connections with a Hezbollah-linked money laundering gang master... August 22, 2020 993 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Arrested For Posting Offensive Tweets The Public Prosecution Office has ordered the arrest of a lawyer and remanded him to police custody for 21 days at the Central Prison for posting tweets which the security services deemed offensive an... February 23, 2020 417 Category: Crime News
Woman Accuses Lawyer Of Deceiving Her Into Illicit Relations - Aborting Fetus A young woman has accused a popular lawyer, who was previously a parliamentary candidate from the Fifth Constituency, of deceiving her into having sex with him by promising to marry her, impregnating ... February 05, 2020 373 Category: Crime News
Al-Otaibi Accuses Fellow Lawyer Of Offending Judiciary, Lawyers Lawyer Faisal Mohammad Al-Otaibi, in his personal capacity, submitted a petition to the Public Prosecution against a lawyer of Fatwa and Legislation Department, accusing her of offending Kuwaiti judic... January 07, 2020 277 Category: Crime News
Smoking Should Be Banned In The Two Courts - Lawyer The Administrative Circle of the Court of Cassation has rejected a request submitted by the Undersecretary of the Ministry to Justice to shelve the case filed by lawyer Khalaf Al-Otaibi, reports Al-An... December 10, 2019 421 Category: Crime News
4 Expats And Lawyer Sentenced To Life Imprisonment The Criminal Court chaired by Counselor Muhammad Al-Sanei sentenced a lawyer and four expatriates to life imprisonment for their involvement in the kidnapping of another lawyer. They were ordered t... November 21, 2019 763 Category: Crime News
Lawyer Salah Al-Hashim Probed For Offensive Remarks Against Egypt The Public Prosecution has referred Lawyer Salah Al-Hashim to the Criminal Court as he has been charged with committing an aggressive action against Egypt via his Twitter account. A session for the... October 25, 2019 887 Category: Crime News
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