Lawyer Has Filed A Complaint Against A Group Of Livestock Companies
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A lawyer has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against a group of livestock companies that signed a document to suspend the import of sheep from Iran, Jordan, Oman, and Georgia. In his complaint, the lawyer said the aforementioned document signed on March 12, 2017 entailed suspending the import of sheep from the aforementioned countries until May 15, 2017, although the companies are licensed to import livestock from abroad to cover shortage in the local production. He added the step taken to suspend import of livestock will adversely affect the national economy, as it violates trade agreements signed between Kuwait and the countries in question, which will go a long way to affect prices of meat. He added the recent statement issued by the companies revealed they lied about their decision of suspending import of sheep on claims that it was due to the excessive number of sheep available in the local market. The lawyer considered the step taken by the livestock companies to be unlawful according to Law No. 10/2007 that concerns the protection of competition.


21 Mar, 2017 0 476
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