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Kuwaiti Livestock Ship Held Off Australia Due To Coronavirus Outbreak A Kuwaiti livestock ship, without animals aboard, was being held off Australia's west coast after six crew members tested positive for the new coronavirus, authorities said on Tuesday, heightening... May 26, 2020 776 Category: Coronavirus
Animal Abuse Alleged To Prevent Livestock Export The Australian press has dropped a bombshell when it revealed the involvement of a local organization which claims to work in the field of animal welfare showing cruelty and systematic torture of shee... January 22, 2019 415 Category: Kuwait
Heavy Fines For Kuwaitis, Asians Caught Uprooting Plants, Trees To Feed Livestock Three citizens and three Asians were referred to the Environment Public Authority (EPA) after the environment police caught them in the act of uprooting Haloxylon plants, reports Al Rai daily. This... December 12, 2018 681 Category: Crime News
First Shipment Of Livestock From Australia In Two Weeks The Livestock Transport and Trading Company has announced that first shipment of live sheep from Australia to Kuwait will arrive in the country within two weeks after a break since June, reports Al-Qa... November 16, 2018 396 Category: Kuwait
Livestock Co Says To Provide 120,000 Herds Of Aussie Sheep And 250 Calves In Ramadan Livestock Transport and Trading Company (Al-Mawashi) is set for the month of Ramadan in all perspectives, and guarantees the provision of roughly 120,000 herds of Australian sheep and 250 calves to co... May 03, 2018 736 Category: Kuwait
Police Are Looking For 3 Unidentified People For Breaking Into A Livestock Pen And Stealing Police are looking for three unidentified people for breaking into a livestock pen of a Kuwaiti man and stealing 26 heads of cattle, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the suspects who were armed ... February 27, 2018 436 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested Two Young Bedoun Men And A Young Girl Police have arrested two young bedoun men and a young girl. They were caught having fun at a livestock pen in Sulaibiya, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said police rushed to the pen after so... February 07, 2018 937 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Citizen Of Raiding A Livestock Pen The Criminal Court acquitted a citizen of raiding a livestock pen belonging to his friend and making away with the contents. According to the plaintiff, he discovered the contents of his livestock pen... January 14, 2018 702 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested A Bedoun For Stealing 70 Pigeons From A Livestock Pen Police have arrested a bedoun for stealing 70 pigeons from a livestock pen in Kabd, reports Al-Shahed daily. The suspect was caught when he was transporting the stolen birds in his pickup wagon. Durin... December 21, 2017 840 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Expat Tried To Commit Suicide At A Livestock A Bangladeshi expatriate tried to commit suicide with a piece of cloth tied to the ceiling of his room at a livestock in Araifjan area. The Operations Room of the Interior Ministry was notified about ... November 12, 2017 524 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Three Suspects Of Stealing Two Vehicles The Criminal Circuit of the First Instance Court acquitted three suspects of stealing two vehicles and welding machines from a company store in Sebiya area. Legal representative of the company said... November 06, 2017 607 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Gvnt Has Deported 31,000 Expats Related To Health Issues In 2016, the government of Kuwait has deported 31,000 expatriates, which roughly works out to 85 people per day or one person every fifteen minutes and compared to four cases every hour the previous y... October 05, 2017 1326 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti beats to death his Bangladeshi livestock pen worker Police have put behind bars a Kuwaiti for beating to death a Bangladeshi employee of his livestock pen in Kabd, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the sponsor initially called the Operations R... September 11, 2017 744 Category: Crime News
15-year Old Bedoun Was Electrocuted While Swimming In A Pool A 15-year old Bedoun was electrocuted while swimming in a pool at a livestock pen in Jahra area. The victim was killed by electric shock when power cable made contact with the pool. A security source ... July 05, 2017 547 Category: Crime News
2-year-old Infant Drowned In The Swimming Pool Of A Livestock Pen A 2-year-old infant drowned in the swimming pool of a livestock pen in Kabd. The death was reported to the police by an Egyptian. He was apparently invited for a gathering with his family. Without goi... June 28, 2017 740 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested 3 People And Looking For Two Others For Stealing Sheep From Livestock Pens Police have arrested three people, a Kuwaiti, a GCC citizen, and a bedoun and looking for two others for stealing sheep from livestock pens. A security source said plainclothes police from the Crimina... March 26, 2017 675 Category: Crime News
MOC And Industry Will Enforce Stiff Penalties Against Traders The Ministry of Commerce and Industry will enforce stiff penalties against traders who lift or manipulate with commodities’ prices, the minister warned on Wednesday. The department will take str... March 23, 2017 630 Category: Kuwait
Livestock Companies Signed A Document To Suspend Import Of Sheep The livestock companies that signed a document to suspend import of sheep from some countries have defended their action, saying they are taken aback with severe reactions from the Government, citizen... March 22, 2017 779 Category: Kuwait
Lawyer Has Filed A Complaint Against A Group Of Livestock Companies A lawyer has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against a group of livestock companies that signed a document to suspend the import of sheep from Iran, Jordan, Oman, and Georgia. In his comp... March 21, 2017 543 Category: Crime News
MP Has Proposed a Special Stock Exchange For Small And Medium-sized Enterprises SMEs MP Mohamed Al-Huwailah has submitted a proposal to form a special stock exchange for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. These high-quality SMEs, he said, play a key role in furthering the econom... March 19, 2017 539 Category: Kuwait
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