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KPC Increases Oil Production Costs By $30 Per Barrel Due To War Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah, CEO of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, was reported by Bloomberg Agency as claiming that the Russian-Ukrainian war increased the cost of producing oil by $30 per barrel. &quo... June 22, 2022 74 Category: Kuwait
Training Is Conducted By KPC To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Control Devices The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, according to Hisham Al-Rifai, a spokesman for the oil sector, conducted a practical training to deal with a fake accident involving a breach of the central control sy... May 26, 2022 74 Category: Kuwait
Petroleum Opens Doors For Companies And Training Institutes The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's human resources department has begun accepting proposals from qualified organizations and advanced training institutes to execute training programs. According... May 03, 2022 154 Category: Kuwait
No Contract Renewals For KPC Retirees Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's Board of Directors will not renew contracts of senior officials who have achieved the legal working age of 60 or have served the enterprise for more than 35 years in... April 19, 2022 263 Category: Kuwait
Holding Senior Appointments Until Further Notice Following the government's resignation last week, the selections of CEOs of oil companies and the establishment of boards of directors have been postponed until further notice, according to an off... April 10, 2022 194 Category: Automotive
'360' System To Be Implemented At KPC The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has advised senior oil industry executives who meet the qualifications and have relevant experience that the '360' methodology will be used to evaluate candida... April 06, 2022 220 Category: Kuwait
Since 1946, Kuwait Has Extracted 51 Billion Barrels Of Oil Kuwait's oil production has been 51.8 billion barrels since the first shipment in 1946 until the end of the first quarter of this year, with an estimated two billion barrels of oil burned and/or &... April 04, 2022 202 Category: Kuwait
Sheikh Nawaf Saud Has Been Named Deputy Chairman Of KPC Earlier this week, the Kuwaiti Cabinet approved a bill which named Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah as the corporation's CEO and Deputy Chairman. He added that the bill provided for the appointment of ... March 14, 2022 169 Category: Kuwait
New CEO To Be Named By KPC 'next Week' After weeks of controversy, oil sources say the CEO of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's file is expected to be resolved next week, with major structural changes in the works, including many sites in... February 15, 2022 259 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Extends Consultancy Contract  Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is contemplating extending a consultant contract to execute the oil sector's comprehensive reorganization until the research work, which was due to expire last y... February 12, 2022 225 Category: Kuwait
KPC To Use Latest Security Cameras, Radars To Protect Vital Oil Installations The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation will use latest in the world state-of-the-art security cameras and radars to protect its oil facilities and vital oil installations in Al-Zour. Al-Anba quoting oil ... January 02, 2022 96 Category: Kuwait
MEW, KPC Ink Deal For Fuel To Power Stations At a time when several regulatory authorities are calling for necessary amendments to the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) and the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (... December 02, 2021 187 Category: Business
Decrease Seen In Cash Spent On KPC Projects According to reliable sources, there is a decrease in the amount actually spent on the capital projects of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) that are included in the five-year plan of 2019/2020-2... November 29, 2021 202 Category: Business
KPC Calls Consultant Recommendation In Durra Field In ‘divided Zone’ Best Option The Board of Directors of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has approved the proposed submitted by the global advisor to separate the stakes of partners in the Al-Durra oilfield in the divided zone bet... November 23, 2021 237 Category: Kuwait
KPC Slashes Budgets Due To Several Reasons The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has slashed approximately 876.8 million dinars, or 26.1 percent from the planned 3.356 billion budgets included in the five-year plans for 2019/2020 and 2022-2023. ... November 03, 2021 327 Category: Kuwait
‘Violent’ Expat Manager From Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Axed In response to a recent report published regarding an expatriate official in the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) who assaulted an employee in his department, KPC has decided to terminate the servic... October 14, 2021 991 Category: Crime News
Imminent Major Changes In KPC With ‘cost Cuts’ In Mind IT is either that or a repetition of the previous years’ situation with no changes in the mainstream or upgrade or add value to the organization or bring about changes in the directions for impr... September 11, 2021 312 Category: Business
KPC Announces Over 100 Jobs For Experienced Kuwaitis According to reliable sources from the oil sector, the announcement made by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries to provide jobs for experienced Kuwaiti citizens on its contract... September 11, 2021 321 Category: Kuwait
KPC Demands Ministry Of Electricity To Pay KD 1 Billion Not long after the inauguration of the giant liquefied gas facilities project in the Al-Zour Oil Complex, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation came out with an unexpected surprise when it declared the Min... September 04, 2021 212 Category: Kuwait
KPC Looking To Transfer Ahmadi City Management To The State The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is looking into the possibility of transferring the management of Ahmadi city to the state in a bid to ease the burdens on the management of the Kuwait Oil Compa... August 23, 2021 562 Category: Business
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