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5 Yrs In Prison For A Lawyer And His Expat Client – Bribing Immigration Dept Employee Criminal court sentenced a lawyer and his expat client to 5 years in prison with hard labour, and also banned the lawyer from practicing law for 10 years on charges of bribery and attempting to smuggl... June 28, 2021 701 Category: Crime News
Wrong Date Stamped On Passports Of Departing Passengers Report Denied The Directorate- General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) denied point blank reports in social media that a plane that was to take off for Bahrain was delayed at the Kuwait International Airport because the a... June 07, 2021 3672 Category: Travel
Interior Ministry To Accept 30% Capacity At Immigration, Traffic And Residency Affairs As Per Govt Decision Ministry of Interior has made all preparations to activate the Immigration, Traffic and Residency Affairs departments, service centers, and other service sectors starting from Sunday at a 30 percent c... June 16, 2020 1366 Category: Kuwait
Circular Published By Kuwait Government Ministry Of Interior - Regarding Immigration And Travel Of Expatriates As per circular number 13/2019 (Published on 07/03/2019) 1.Stamping of residency on passport will be discontinued from 10/03/2019 instead of which civil ID will be used for immigration.  2... March 09, 2019 2314 Category: Expats
Age Limit For Daughter And Son To Avail Visa What is the age limit for family visa for girl child. My daughter is now 16 years old, but my daughter’s visa application was rejected due to age reason. Kindly confirm age rules for children. ... March 27, 2018 1307 Category: Kuwait
Documents Required To Apply For Visit Visa For Mother-in-Law And Sister-in-Law Can I bring my sister-in-law (wife’s sister) and mother-in-law (wife’s mother) to Kuwait? My salary does fulfil the criteria but I need to know if it’s possible to bring them down he... March 24, 2018 3263 Category: Visit Visa
Delivering Child In Kuwait - Husband On Visit Visa I have 2 questions, one is regarding my delivery in Kuwait and also about sponsoring my child’s residence. I work with the Kuwait University (Ministry of Education) and earn a salary of KD 565. ... March 20, 2018 1424 Category: Visit Visa
OFWs Currently On Vacation Are Not Affected By The Deployment Ban The Philippines Department of Justice (DOJ) said Wednesday the Kuwait-based Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) currently on vacation are not affected by the deployment ban order issued by the President ... February 15, 2018 1094 Category: Kuwait
Campaign In Fahaheel Area To Arrest Of 12 Beggars From Various Arab Countries Immigration detectives recently embarked on a security campaign in Fahaheel area leading to arrest of 12 male and female beggars from various Arab countries. The suspects claimed to be suffering from ... December 25, 2017 577 Category: Crime News
Immigration Department Asking For Birth Certificate To Apply For Visa Good day, Thank you for your valuable comments on legal clinic which help us a lot. I have a query related to visit visa for parents. When one of my friend went to apply for visit visa for his motheri... December 19, 2017 992 Category: Legal
More Than 863,000 Passengers Travelled Through KIA In Nov More than 863,000 passengers travelled through Kuwait International Airport in November last month. According to a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the General Department of Public R... December 13, 2017 748 Category: Kuwait
Passports Seized - Kuwaiti Passport At Risk Of Forgery According to an Australian security and intellectual report, Kuwaiti passport is one among the documents targeted for forgery by international gangs whose clients pay huge sums in order to obtain fake... October 25, 2017 828 Category: Crime News
My Wife Is Pregnant And Delivery Will Be Done In Kuwait - Dependent Visa For New Born I am working in a private company holding visa 18 … my monthly basic salary is KD 300+KD 120 allowance. My wife is also working in a private company holding visa category 18 and has a montly ba... October 17, 2017 1744 Category: Dependent Visa
Only 2 Visit Visas Granted Per Year I am currently working in Kuwait on a Private Company Residency Visa and meet all sponsorship requirements. I would like to know how I can either avail of more than 2 visit visas a year for my son or ... August 24, 2017 1986 Category: Visit Visa
Airport Immigration Department Arrested 11 Passengers And 118 Wanted Persons The department said the statistics of Kuwait Airport Immigration revealed that the total number of travelers through Kuwait International Airport in the month of July was 1,185,623. It explained that ... August 10, 2017 702 Category: Crime News
No Requirement To Fill Departure Cards For Indians Flying Abroad Indians flying abroad will not be required to fill departure cards from Saturday. However, those going out of the country via rail, seaport and land immigration checkposts will have to fill the embark... July 01, 2017 609 Category: Kuwait
Trump Hosts True Friend Modi For First One-on-one Donald Trump hosts Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday for a first tete-a-tete aimed at building a personal rapport in spite of very real divergences between the two leaders, whether on clim... June 27, 2017 967 Category: International
Ramadan Working Hours At Immigration Departments The immigration directorate announced that the official working hours in all six immigration departments during Ramadan will be from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm (morning shift), while the afternoon shift in t... May 29, 2017 1370 Category: Kuwait
Obtaining Special Permission From Director General Of Immigration Please could you advise on the procedure to obtain a special permission from the Director General of Immigration. I need to request if I can sponsor my newborn baby because my husband has some issues ... May 29, 2017 575 Category: Legal
MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel Was Shocked Over Travel Ban MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel was shocked when he was told by the immigration authorities at the Kuwait International Airport that he cannot leave the country due to a travel ban, reports Al-Shahed daily. The da... May 22, 2017 2041 Category: Crime News
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