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3 Brothers Divorce Their Wives At The Same Time A local media outlet reports that three Algerian brothers have divorced their wives for neglecting their ailing mother in less than a minute. The brothers, it is reported, returned home from work o... February 24, 2022 716 Category: International
Egypt: Man Files For Divorce After Wife Steals Neighbour’s Clothes A 30-year-old Egyptian man has filed for divorce accusing his wife of stealing their neighbor’s clothes, local media reported. According to the man, his 22-year-old woman used borrow their ne... December 04, 2021 668 Category: Crime News
15 Kuwaiti Women Are Divorced Daily The official figures showed and increase in divorce rates in Kuwait where average number of divorced women per day has reached to 15 female Kuwaiti citizens based on collective data of five years stat... November 23, 2021 1324 Category: Kuwait
Bill And Melinda Gates Divorce After 27 Years Of Marriage Bill and Melinda Gates say they are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage, saying “we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple”. “After a great deal of thought and... May 04, 2021 922 Category: International
No Increase In Divorce Rates During COVID-19 Crisis Director of the Family Counseling Department at the Ministry of Justice Eman Al-Saleh says, “By referring to the divorce rates in 2020 and comparing them to the rates of the previous years, it b... November 02, 2020 376 Category: Coronavirus
Wife In UAE Seeks Divorce Because Husband Loves Her A Lot, Doesn't Argue With Her If one argument could save a marriage, this is it. But the fawning husband cooked, cleaned, swept and loved his wife passionately. Completely. She in turn felt choked by his affection and now wants to... August 26, 2019 923 Category: International
Whatsapp Blue Tick Marks Caused Divorce In Saudi Arabia A man in Saudi Arabia divorced his wife just because he sent her a text message on WhatsApp and the wife saw and ignored the message rather than giving any response to it. As WhatsApp has launched ... May 29, 2019 2068 Category: Crime News
Court Granted A Request Filed By A Kuwaiti Citizen To Divorce His Wife For Disrespecting And Abusing Him The Family Court granted a request filed by a Kuwaiti citizen to divorce his wife and cancelled all her entitlements and due financial rights, and again obliged the woman to return the dowry of KD6000... April 24, 2019 258 Category: Crime News
The Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever By Amazon Family Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, have decided to get divorced and they have agreed to the biggest divorce settlement in the history. The deal is unprecedented and humongous leaving J... April 06, 2019 438 Category: Others
Law, Infidelity, Lack Of Trust Some Of The Divorce Causes Assistant Undersecretary for Information Technology and Statistics at the Ministry of Justice, Heba Al-Abdul Al-Jalil, said a recent study by the Statistics and Research Department of the Information ... January 15, 2019 299 Category: Kuwait
Court Grants Irrevocable Divorce To Kuwaiti Woman The Hawally Family Court granted irrevocable divorce to a Kuwaiti woman due to irreconcilable differences with her exhusband, while her rights associated with marriage and divorce were withheld. Accor... December 23, 2018 343 Category: Crime News
Doctor Gets Divorce From Mandoub Husband The Family Court of First Instance has granted an expatriate female doctor divorce from her mandoub husband with her full Islamic rights and protection from verbal and physical attacks by her husband.... November 28, 2018 531 Category: Crime News
Divorce Rates In Hot Countries Are Higher Compared To Others Professor of Psychology and Sociology at Kuwait University Dr Khader Al-Baroun indicated that divorce rates in hot countries are higher during the summer season compared to any other seasons because h... September 03, 2018 344 Category: Kuwait
Divorce And Sponsorship Of Child I have been offered a job in Kuwait, but my husband has applied for a divorce and the case is ongoing. I want to take my child along with me to Kuwait. What are the formalities and what if in child pa... May 15, 2018 517 Category: Legal
Court Allowed Father To See His Children In Presence Of His Former Wife In an incident that is regarded as strange in the Kuwaiti society, the Family Court allowed a Kuwaiti father in his 30s to see his children in the presence of his former wife who is married to another... April 05, 2018 594 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Ordered To Repay Dowry Amount To Ex-husband A divorced Kuwaiti woman was ordered to return the dowry amount to her ex-husband, Al Qabas newspaper reported. The Family Court ruled in favour of the man, obliging the ex-wife to repay KD7,000 he... February 27, 2018 1546 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Has Filed A Divorce Lawsuit Against His Wife Accusing Her Of Causing Psychological Harm A Kuwaiti has filed a divorce lawsuit against his wife accusing her of causing him psychological harm, reports Al-Shahed daily. In the law suit the plaintiff has requested for exemption from paying al... December 19, 2017 923 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced MP To 7 Yr Imprisonment For Allegedly Tricking Woman To Having Sex With Him Court sentenced MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaie to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor for allegedly tricking a woman into having sex with him. The court dismissed civil aspect of the petition. The pres... December 05, 2017 1920 Category: Crime News
Statistics Indicate Kuwait Witnessed About 18000 Various Types Of Crimes Kuwait ranks fourteenth in Middle East and the Arab World with an average crime rate that places her 81st globally in the crime index. Official statistics indicate Kuwait witnessed about 18,000 variou... November 27, 2017 688 Category: Crime News
Implementation Of The Decision Taken By MOI To Include 3 Traffic Violations Implementation of the decision taken by the Ministry of Interior to include three traffic violations in the list of regulations that sanction impounding of vehicles has started. The three violation... November 16, 2017 1218 Category: Kuwait
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