Court Issued A Verdict In Favor Of Womans Request To Divorce Her Abusive Husband
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A Kuwaiti court issued a verdict in favor of woman’s request to divorce her husband irrevocably without any compensation in addition to having an Iddat (period of waiting) with effective from the date of the ruling. The woman through her counsel Lawyer Azbi Al-Nemran had filed a lawsuit demanding divorce from her estranged and abusive husband. The couple has kids together and the husband abused her so many times that she eventually could not take it and decided to file the lawsuit. The court responded to the request, affirming that Sharia does not force any woman to be subjected to painful and forced submission by their husband but gives them the right and option to seek a way out from the marriage if it does not work. It added that women can resort to justice if they cannot endure their abusive husbands.



25 Apr, 2017 0 544
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