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Diesel Smuggling Attempt Foiled By Coast Guard The Coast Guard Department managed to detain a ship inside Kuwait's national seas for attempting to transport huge quantities of fuel outside the country, according to the Ministry of Interior'... May 22, 2022 76 Category: Kuwait
4,000 Liters Of Diesel Stolen From Oil Field By Two Asians A Kuwaiti media report states two Asian tanker drivers stole some 4,000 liters of diesel from the Sabiya field. In addition to being investigated for stealing electricity from the same oil field, t... February 26, 2022 528 Category: Crime News
Petroleum: Pakistan Imports The First Shipment Of Low-sulfur Diesel From Kuwait The global marketing sector of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation announced the export of the first shipment of low-sulfur diesel to Pakistan represented by the Pakistan National Oil Company, on board t... January 02, 2021 428 Category: Information
Police Are Looking For An Unidentified Thief For Stealing About 2,500 Liters Of Diesel Police are looking for an unidentified thief for stealing about 2,500 liters of diesel from warehouse of the tower of a telecom company on King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Road, reports Al-Rai daily. The le... September 26, 2019 345 Category: Crime News
KD 500 Fine Against Carrying Five Or More Gas Cylinders In Private Vehicles Deputy Director General for Fire Prevention at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate Brigadier Khalid Abdullah has warned the general public against carrying five or more gas cylinders in private vehicles t... October 17, 2017 1257 Category: Kuwait
Diesel Thieves Busted Ahmadi securitymen arrested three people, two Egyptians and Pakistani for stealing diesel from oil site in Mina Abdullah while patrolling the area, they were referred to the concerned authorities for ... October 13, 2017 1522 Category: Crime News
Panel Cuts Diesel And Kerosene Prices From 110 Fils To 105 Fils Per Ltr - Fuel Prices Remain Same The committee in charge of revising the state-offered subsidies has not changed the fuel prices for August 2017 but has reduced the prices of diesel and kerosene from 110 fils per liter in July 2017 t... August 02, 2017 939 Category: Crime News
3 Expats Of Asian And Syrian Nationalities Were Arrested For Stealing Diesel Three expatriates of Asian and Syrian nationalities were arrested for stealing diesel from oil sites and storing it in specialized containers inside a livestock pen in Kabad area. After the suspects w... April 21, 2017 892 Category: Crime News
Diesel And Kerosene Prices Remains Same The committee responsible for studying subsidies, which is headed by Undersecretary of Ministry of Finance Khalifa Hamada, has decided that the diesel and kerosene prices for April 2017 will be 110 fi... March 29, 2017 1601 Category: Kuwait
Three Indian Sailors Stuck In Kuwait Since Three Years, Where They Cannot Work Or Travel Back To India On May 13 2013, Kuwaiti coastguard arrested four Indian sailors named Savi singh, Rajesh Kumar, Ram Surub and Jabbar Al upon arrival at Kuwait port on charges for smuggling diesel. ... January 03, 2016 1960 Category: Kuwait
New Prices Diesel And Kerosene Announced The committee responsible for reviewing all government subsidies for citizens recently announced the new price of diesel and kerosene for September, adding the two commodities will be sold for 105 fil... September 07, 2015 1702 Category: Kuwait
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