Socialists Association Distributes The Ramadan Basket To Needy Families
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The Social Work Committee in the Socialists Association announced the distribution of the Ramadan basket to needy families in various regions of Kuwait, believing in their societal role, and extending a helping hand to those in need to provide supplies for the blessed month of Ramadan.

The head of the Social Work Committee, a member of the Association’s Board of Directors, Asilah Al-Rifai, said yesterday that the Ramadan basket project is an annual initiative that the Association has been carrying out for years, targeting needy families that we try to reach through volunteers, noting that the project brings joy to the needy in this holy month.

Al-Rifai added that a member of the Association and the Social Work Committee, Tayeba Al-Sultan, supervises the preparation of Ramadan baskets for this year, stressing the Association’s keenness to continue its support for this social activity on an annual basis, in line with the Association’s policy in supporting the needs of civil society.



30 Apr, 2021 162
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