Security Council Rejected All Appeals Filed By Kuwaitis On Issue Of Terrorism
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The Appeals Committee of the Security Council has rejected all appeals filed by the Kuwaitis on the issue of terrorism, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources.

The same sources pointed out “the next step will be to submit new appeals accompanied by other evidence supporting the view of Kuwaitis covered by the Security Council sanctions to refute the charges of terrorism against them.”

The sources pointed out the committee has already received a number of files, including evidences provided by Kuwaitis on the issue of terrorism to prove their innocence and to denounce it through the media and personal accounts on the social networking sites, but this has been rejected by the Security Council.

However, the sources praised the cooperation and efforts exerted by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry in this regard, pointing out the willingness to resubmit the appeals come in coordination with the Ministry which follows the file of terrorism very closely.


The sources said, “The events unfolding in Syria has contributed to the inclusion of a number of Kuwaitis on the UN list of terrorists, although they are not related to any actual terrorist incident.”

In a related context, sources close to the committee said “the committee is looking at each file separately” and pointed out “unfreezing the accounts and lifting travel ban was at the top of the requests that have been received by the committee.

The sources pointed out that “the process of placing a person on the list of terrorists come in accordance with the decision of the Security Council, after ascertaining the actions or activities that indicate the link of an individual or a group or institution or entity to al-Qaeda or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (DAESH organization.

The sources went on to say “Such acts include participating and/or financing such groups, supplying or purchasing weapons on behalf of the group.”


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