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Al-Dahoum Appeals Loss Of Seat Former MP Badr Al-Dahoum filed an appeal at the Court of Cassation regarding the Constitutional Court’s decision to cancel his parliamentary membership despite the final verdict of the Court of ... April 05, 2021 391 Category: Kuwait
The Appeals Court Orders To Imprison Khaled Al-Mulla For Two Years The Court of Appeal headed by Counselor Abd al-Rahman al-Darmi ruled to imprison the singer Khaled Al-Mulla two years and 1,000 dinars to suspend enforcement with a pledge of good conduct and behavior... October 08, 2020 1154 Category: Information
Appeals Orders Company To Pay Marketing Rep ‘dues’ As Per Law The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance that obliged a company to pay one of its marketing representatives a sum of KD 6,000 as well as legal fees of KD 100, whic... July 23, 2020 540 Category: Kuwait
Appeals To Minister To Lift Entry Ban Into Kuwait A Kuwait- born man with Dominican nationality has appealed to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah to allow his son to enter Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily. He said... July 11, 2019 379 Category: Kuwait
Appeals Court Amends Verdict As IS Members Get 3-10 Years In Jail The Court of Appeals chaired by Counselor Adel Huwaidi amended the verdict of the Criminal Court and sentenced a Kuwaiti and his wife and another Kuwaiti to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor, the ... January 10, 2019 442 Category: Crime News
Court Lifts Ban – We’re Bedouns The Court of Appeals lifted the security ban that prevented a bedoun and his family from renewing their security identification cards. The higher court cancelled the decision of the First Instance Cou... December 27, 2018 335 Category: Crime News
Ambassador Appeals To Ghanaians To Be Law-abiding The Ghanaian community in Kuwait Friday held their maiden general meeting at the Ghana Embassy in Kuwait. The meeting was attended by Ghanaians from all corners of Kuwait, with the Ghana Ambassador to... October 23, 2018 366 Category: Kuwait
Court Of Appeals Acquitted A Female Security Inspector Of Theft The Court of Appeals acquitted a female security inspector of Kuwait International Airport who was accused of stealing personal effects and money from a bag belonging to a traveler. The court overt... September 06, 2018 322 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals On May 22, 2018 ,look Into The Case Of A Kuwaiti Citizen And His Wife The Court of Appeals on May 22, 2018, will look into the case of a Kuwaiti citizen and his wife who was arrested in the Philippines, in addition to four other Kuwaitis and a Syrian, reports Al-Rai dai... April 19, 2018 905 Category: Crime News
Case Filed Against Kuwaiti Blogger Hamid Bu Yabes The Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge Nasser Al-Haed, acquitted some expatriates who were accused of supporting and funding DAESH activities with remittances exceeding KD 11 million. In anot... April 13, 2018 491 Category: Crime News
10-years Imprisonment To Filipina Woman The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Nasser Salem Al-Haidi upheld the verdict issued by the lower court, which sentenced a Filipina woman who was accused of joining DAESH to ten-year imprisonme... March 29, 2018 491 Category: Crime News
The Court Of Cassation Will Hear Appeals Filed By The Convicts In The Case Of Storming The National Assembly The Court of Cassation will hear appeals (Sunday, Feb 18, 2018) filed by the convicts in the case of storming the National Assembly, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the law, those whose sentenc... February 18, 2018 406 Category: Crime News
36 Stormers Yet To Surrender As Date To Challenge Verdict Nears With the 60-day deadline of Sunday, Jan 28, 2018, is fast approaching to challenge the verdict of the Court of Appeals in the case of ‘Storming the National Assembly’ 36 people have yet to... January 22, 2018 666 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Decided To Release The Former MP Walid Al-Tabtabaei The Court of Appeals decided to release the former MP Walid Al-Tabtabaei in the case filed against him for tricking his exwife into having sex with him. However, he will continue to be detained for th... January 08, 2018 596 Category: Crime News
Security Council Rejected All Appeals Filed By Kuwaitis On Issue Of Terrorism The Appeals Committee of the Security Council has rejected all appeals filed by the Kuwaitis on the issue of terrorism, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable sources. The same sources pointed out &... August 30, 2017 357 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Upheld The Lower Courts Ruling On Custody Rights The Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s ruling on custody rights of a grandmother over granddaughter after the mother of the daughter got married and the father (grandmother’s son) r... July 13, 2017 445 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted An Egyptian Truck Driver Who Was Accused In Smuggling Methamphetamine The Court of Appeals cancelled the decision of the First Instance Court which sentenced an Egyptian truck driver to five years in prison with hard labor for smuggling Methamphetamine from Iraq to Kuwa... June 08, 2017 520 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Obliged A Kuwaiti Citizen To Pay For The Monthly Expenses Of His Family The Court of Appeals obliged a Kuwaiti citizen to pay for the monthly expenses of his children, monthly house rent of the mother of his children, for furnishing the house, car and the expenses of a do... April 21, 2017 901 Category: Crime News
Court Rejected Five Appeals To Suspend The Enforcement Of Fintas Group Case The Court of Cassation presided over by Justice Abdullah Al-Jassem rejected five appeals to suspend the enforcement of sentences issued by the Court of Appeals concerning the jailing of members of the... April 18, 2017 833 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Postponed The Ruling In Abdali Cell Case The Court of Appeals postponed until March 26 the ruling in “Abdali Cell” case in which 26 people are standing trial. The Public Prosecution Department had requested capital punishment aga... March 20, 2017 512 Category: Crime News
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