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Suspected Banks And Money Exchange Firms Involved In Money Laundering And Terrorism Financing Money laundering and terrorist financing are most likely to occur in the banking and money exchange sectors. They accounted for 98 percent of alerts in the last six years, according to the Financial I... March 09, 2022 421 Category: Kuwait
Two Kuwaitis Off ‘terror’ List The Committee for the Implementation of Security Council Resolutions on Financing and Combating Terrorism has decided to remove the names of Kuwaitis from its list, reports Al-Qabas daily. The list co... June 24, 2021 422 Category: Crime News
Men From Kuwait And Italy Arrested On Suspicion Of Terrorism In UK Police have arrested a pair of men from Kuwait and Italy on suspicion of terrorism after RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled to intercept a Ryanair flight landing at Stansted from Vienna.  Armed poli... August 31, 2020 665 Category: Crime News
Kuwait FM To Form Panel For Modifying Terrorism Funding Law Minister of Finance Barrak Al-Sheetan on Tuesday issued a ministerial resolution for forming a panel to examine amendment of the Law 106/2013 on money laundering and terrorism financing as some of the... July 28, 2020 700 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Improving On Counter Terrorism The US State Department has released its annual report on terrorism which deals with Kuwait’s handling of the issue, reports Al-Anba daily. The report said Kuwait has focused on improving its... November 04, 2019 329 Category: Kuwait
Charities Compliance Urged Against Financing Terrorism As part of measures to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism, the Ministry of Social Affairs has once again requested the charity societies and philanthropists to comply with the recommen... September 30, 2019 284 Category: Kuwait
Last Treatment Of Tehran’s Terrorism Is Cauterization It is evident that the game of masked terrorism being played by Iran in the region is all that it can resort to, especially after its leaders have realized that the United States of America is not mer... May 15, 2019 334 Category: Opinion
Kuwait Basks In ‘low-risk’ Rating – Safest In Region A security source stressed the Ministry of Interior is accurately following up the reports and look minutely into the statistics issued by all the accredited authorities that indicate the status of Ku... March 05, 2019 417 Category: Kuwait
30 Kuwaitis On Terrorism List Issued By Syrian Regime Syrian regime has announced a list of 615 people and 105 entities from Arab and foreign countries, including 30 Kuwaitis, suspected to be involved in terror funding, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Acco... December 31, 2018 487 Category: Kuwait
Drastic Decline Seen In Extremism, Terrorism The rehabilitation of extremist prisoners is an international demand which Kuwait abides by and it has become one of the advanced countries in terms of combating terrorism according to the concerned i... December 25, 2018 367 Category: Crime News
Issue Of Inflated Accounts Come To Fore Unnecessarily The issue of inflated accounts has come to the fore unnecessarily. The last chapter deals with referrals of famous accounts to the Financial Investigation Unit, which is being circulated in the social... December 18, 2018 251 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Backs Iraq Against Terrorism Kuwait has renewed its solidarity with Iraq with respect of any step Baghdad takes to annihilate terrorism, starting with clamping down on the terrorist organization, the so-called “Islamic Stat... December 06, 2018 763 Category: International
Kuwait Stands By Iraq In Fight Against Terrorism Kuwait Representative to the United Nations on Tuesday renewed his country’s commitment to supporting the Iraqi people and government in their efforts to combat terrorism, and consolidate their ... November 15, 2018 342 Category: Kuwait
US Praised Kuwaiti Government For Efforts To Combat Terrorism The US praised the Kuwaiti government for its efforts to combat terrorism and encourage moderation. This includes Kuwait’s implementation of United Nations Security Council sanctions on both the... September 21, 2018 339 Category: Kuwait
From Japan Expansionism To Terrorism From Tehran THE world has reached the point of choosing between accepting continuity of the terror approach of the Iranian regime or coping with the United States which is seeking to change the behavior of the Te... August 08, 2018 1432 Category: Article
Two Companies In Trouble Over Financial Dealings With Hezbollah The security authorities have requested from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry details about two companies, whose identities have not been disclosed, but are reportedly involved in illegal financi... April 24, 2018 1077 Category: Kuwait
Friday Sermons Convey People On What Is Allowed And What Is Prohibited The Friday sermon on atheism and exposing women’s hair remain a hot topic in the Kuwaiti society, reports Al- Rai daily. In an interview with the daily, Sharia Professor at Kuwait University Dr ... April 09, 2018 535 Category: Kuwait
Government Is Determined In Stance To Reject The Parliamentary Bill The government is determined in its stance to reject the parliamentary bill to levy the remittances of expatriates even though it was approved by the Parliament’s Finance Committee last Sunday. ... April 05, 2018 768 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Top Lawmaker Stresses Anti-terror Coordination Kuwaiti National Assembly (parliament) Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim said Saturday it is imperative for Arab parliaments to work together to defend Arab issues regionally and internationally. Speaking ... February 11, 2018 1050 Category: Kuwait
Banks To Tighten Control Over Cash Deposits Through ATMs The Financial Investigation Unit, which looks into money laundering and financing terrorism cases, has asked banks to tighten control over cash deposits through automated teller machines (ATMs), repor... February 05, 2018 883 Category: Kuwait
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