Procedure And Requirements To Transfer Project Visa

09 November 2017 Project Visa

I was employed on a project visa and after 3 years or more it’s almost 4 years already this coming December. But I have filed my resignation effective on Aug 3, 2017 because I want to apply to another company. I have found a private sector company which is willing to hire me but they are not sure of what to do. I would like to ask what are the procedure and requirements to transfer my visa.

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Answer: We are sorry but you cannot transfer your visa to a private sector company. According to the current law governing the subject you can only transfer to another government project of the same sponsor, or another government project, which has a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the present sponsor. We must point out that to effect the transfer in the various scenarios fees ranging from KD 200 to KD 350 are charged.



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