Price Of Mead Doubles
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There is an abundance of fish in the Souq Sharq Fish Market, but there is also a sudden jump in the prices of mead(mullet), reports Al-Anba daily. Two days ago a basket of mead was sold for between 15 and 16 dinars and on Friday it shot to 30 dinars. This is because, according to sources, of variable weather factors and winds, which leads to crazy rise in mead prices, according to a fish source in the market. The source stated during the last period, fish was within its usual prices, as a basket of shrimp was sold for 50 dinars, Al-Shahamiya 1.5 per kilo, Nuwaibi 1.750, Shaoum 2.5, Hamour 3, Kuwaiti Mina 4, Qubqab 1.5 and Kuwaiti Zubaidi 14 dinars per kilo.





31 Oct, 2021 290
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