Police Shot A Hijab-wearing Woman In Paris Metro

31 October 2023 International

On Tuesday morning, police shot and critically wounded a woman wearing a hijab at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France metro station. According to government officials, commuters reported the woman shouting Jihadist slogans and displaying threatening behavior.

The incident occurred against the backdrop of France being on its highest state of alert following the suspected Islamist attack on October 13, which resulted in the tragic death of a schoolteacher. Authorities have attributed this incident to a perceived "jihadist atmosphere" linked to the Israel-Gaza conflict.

A swift police response was prompted when commuters heard the woman making aggressive Jihadist comments. Government spokesperson Olivier Veran explained that upon arrival, the police initially requested the woman to calm down and show her hands to ensure she did not pose any imminent threat.

As the situation escalated, law enforcement officers were forced to open fire due to the perceived danger posed by the woman. The fire service, responsible for providing emergency care, confirmed that the woman had sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen. She was promptly transferred to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

According to authorities, the woman had previously made threats against Sentinel patrols.

Following the incident, the metro station, situated along the RER C line, was evacuated for security purposes. A government spokesperson announced the launch of two investigations: one on the actions of the woman, the other on the use of firearms by police.


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