Philippines Warned Not To Violate Labor Law
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Kuwait has warned the government of the Philippines against violating the country’s labor laws saying ‘sheltering’ workers inside the embassy building is forbidden and will not be tolerated in future once the agreement between both the parties is signed, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The delegation from the Philippines which visited the country last Sunday is a signatory to this agreement and the discussion was included in the minutes of the meeting of the Joint Committee concerning the employment of domestic workers during which Kuwait has stressed on the need to do away with the so-called ‘Shelter Center’ inside the embassy headquarters saying all complaints will be handled through the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) provided they are sent immediately to the Domestic Workers Employment Department at PAM to ensure protection of the workers and take necessary legal measures.

The minutes of the meeting include a new clause added to the fifth article of the Tripartite employment contract, related to the obligations of the second party – the employer – where the domestic worker is allowed to own a phone and use it outside working hours, provided he/she keeps the family’s secrets and privacy in a manner consistent with public morals.

It was agreed to prevent the employer from assigning the domestic worker any work outside Kuwait without her consent, and if forced, the sponsor is obliged to return her to her/ his country at his own (employer’s) expense. The Clause No. 7 will also be redrafted according to the general provisions of the tripartite employment contract, so that the employer is prevented from “retaining the worker’s travel documents and personal identity” and both parties pledge to fully comply with the standard bilateral and tripartite contracts after adding the aforementioned.

The minutes emphasized the necessity of the Kuwaiti and Philippine parties’ commitment not to sign contracts or other pledges other than what is agreed by both sides.



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