Philippines Official Statement About The Ban On Sending Labor To Kuwait
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Philippine official statements about the ban on sending domestic workers to Kuwait conflict were conflicting. While a partial ban was imposed on the sending of labor, Philippine Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar expressed his support for the decision of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte not to prevent Filipino workers wishing to search for job opportunities in Kuwait reports AlRai

“Despite the killing of the Filipina worker, Janelle Villavendi in Kuwait, we support the Philippine President’s announcement that there will be no ban on the sending of Filipino workers to Kuwait,” Endnar said in press statements.

He continued, “This approach comes after the proactive and fair response provided by Kuwait on the issue of Janelle Villavendi compared to what happened in 2018 with the case of domestic worker Joanna Dimafiles.”

These statements come in the wake of the Philippine President’s statements, on Friday evening, in a television interview in which he said, “There are no plans to evacuate Filipino workers from Kuwait because I am satisfied with the quick Kuwaiti response regarding the issue of Villavendi,” praising Kuwait’s role in achieving justice in the case of that worker.

Returning to Martin Andanar’s remarks, he praised Kuwait for its implementation of the Philippine Employment Agreement, saying, “The government of Kuwait has implemented what our administration has endeavored to when we signed an agreement with them to provide better protection for Filipino migrant workers in 2018.”



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