Partial Ban Lifting Is Possible, But It Will Not Take Place Today
Category: Coronavirus
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Governmental sources revealed to Al-Qabas that the cabinet will discuss in its meeting today the health indicators of the Corona epidemic and its extent locally and globally, and accordingly will determine the partial dismantling of the third ban or its continuation or amendment to it.

The sources suggested that the lifting of the ban is possible, but it will not take place today. The indicators will be read and reviewed with the health authorities and the opinion of the medical team at the Ministry of Health, and then take the appropriate decision.

The sources indicated that the last extraordinary conference announced the move to the third stage with the imposition of a partial ban and the Cabinet’s assessment of the indicators for the transition to the third stage after the holiday, and not the immediate lifting of the ban.

The sources stressed that the epidemic is still present and it is not true that its seriousness is less than the previous indicating that government patrimony is in the interests of everyone.

03 Aug, 2020 0 3795
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