PAM Launches Electronic Reporting For Absentee Expat Workers
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According to Al-Qabas daily, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has activated the absenteeism registration system through the automated platform Ashal.

A source explained that this is intended to track down workers with unjustified absences, determine the reasons behind absenteeism, and address the issue. Sources revealed the Inspection Department at PAM is currently looking into about 1,000 absenteeism reports. Sources affirmed the relevant law allows the worker to object within two months from the date of registering the complaint against him.

If the worker fails to take this action by the deadline, the file will be forwarded to the Residency Affairs Investigation Department, which will take the necessary legal action, such as registering the absences in the Ministry of Interior and deportation.

19 Sep, 2022 515
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