No Closing The Airport, Nurseries, Or Returning Schools “online”
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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali confirmed in a statement to Al-Rai that “closing the airport, nurseries, or the return of schools for distance education (online) has become a thing of the past.”

He said, “We try as much as we can to help the people of Kuwait,” noting that there were difficult recommendations, that were taken to the Corona Committee at the least.

He stressed that distance education had very big negatives, and we are trying to balance the procedures.

He added: My sisters, owners of nurseries, visited me, and God will help them, and there was a recommendation to close nurseries, but the Corona Committee decided to remain open with an emphasis on immunization and requirements.





13 Jan, 2022 2098
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