Nine Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat
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Belly fat can get very stubborn and no matter how much effort you do to get rid of fats around your belly it just seem like it is never going away, if you have the same problem and you think you done everything possible to have an ideal waist line but all your efforts are going in vain then you may find this article of benefit as we will refer your mind to Nine Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Belly Fat below .

9- You Are Having Too Much Processed Food .

Processed food is one of the most common reasons for belly fat , processed food include white bread , fast food , potato chips and products that are high in sugar levels , avoiding all these types of processed and refined foods can help you have an ideal waist line .

8- You Eating Saturated Fats .

Consuming the wrong type of fats in high amounts can cause your belly fat to get really stubborn , saturated fats are found in red meats and dairy products , try to control the amount of saturated fats you are consuming in order to keep your waists line under control .

7- You Are Not Doing The Right Kind Of Exercises .

Walking , running and cardio exercises are great for your heart and can help toning your body , however they won’t be very effective to burn down those stubborn belly fats you have , weight training and cardiovascular will be more effective .

6- Your Work Out Is Focused On Your Belly Alone .

It is not possible to lose weight from your belly only so if all of your work out is focused around your belly fats only then that is just not going to work , you need an exercise regime that has a different variety of different exercises for all of your body .

5- You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep .

There is a big percentage of women around the world are deprived of sleep and only having less than five hours sleep every night, those women are more likely to put on weight than others .

4- You Are Stressed Out .

If you are stressed it is more likely to want to eat fattening comfort food , but this is not just it , when you are stressed your body start releasing cortisol which make your body hold on fats and water for longer times .

3- It Can Be Your Age .

As you get older your metabolism slows down , specially on menopause where your body start to produce hormones much slower than before , in that case you will just need to be patient and reduce your consumption of calories gradually .

2- It Could Be Your Genes .

Some people are just more likely to gain weight around their bellies than others , if you are one of those people then just hang in there because you will still be able to get rid of the annoying stubborn belly fats but with just a bit more efforts .

1- You Are Eating Too Much Sugar .

Eating too much sugar or grains that your body turns into sugar can cause your body to become leptin resistant , leptin is what is responsible to make you stop eating , when you become leptin resistant then you will eat more food than your body needs which will be stored as fat .

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