MP Surprised By Govts Silence On Environmental Pollution
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MP Faisal Al-Kandari is surprised by government’s silence on the warnings issued about the environmental pollution that is directly linked to liver cancer, says Al-Qabas daily. In a statement, MP Al-Kandari said report of the senior auditor of ISO 22,000 for food safety published by Al-Qabas cannot be overlooked, especially as the government did not provide any convincing reason for the mass demise of fish 17 years ago that continues until now.

MP Al-Kandari noted Kuwait Bay has been destroyed due to slackness, lack of supervision and indifference of some government bodies in charge to monitor drainage of polluted water, as well as chemical and industrial materials directly into the sea. He said the entire sea will be destroyed if the slackness toward the industries and stations continues without implementation of standard environmental safety regulations. He pointed to the senior auditor’s statement that mentioned various diseases caused by such non-environmental friendly activities, among them liver cancer, and serious need for a government-parliament stand on the issue.

MP Al-Kandari called for daily lab test procedures to determine the level of water pollution near the drainage holes, in addition to sending the lab analysis to accredited global environmental institutions to verify the existence of pollutants and related diseases. He reiterated all such reports should be referred to the parliament.


29 Jun, 2017 717
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