MoE Starts Residency Renewal Online For Teachers Abroad
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According to alanba The Ministry of Education began to receive residency renewal requests for teachers whose residency expired while outside the country, through online.

Informed educational sources revealed that the administrative sector yesterday received many requests from outside the country to renew the residency, indicating that there are nearly 1,000 teachers who were prevented by the circumstances of the Corona pandemic from returning to the country.

The sources stated that the administrative sector works on two lines to receive renewal requests: an external line in coordination with the public education sector, and the other is internal for teachers whose residency has expired while they are inside the country, noting that the ministry receives daily reviewers to carry out renewal procedures, whether for teachers, administrators, or service implementers.

The sources added that as of yesterday, the number of renewed residency permits for teachers in the country reached 2,500 applications, which were completed in coordination with the Ministry of Interior.

19 Aug, 2020 680
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