Ministry Of Commerce Lost Gold Seals And Platinum Parts
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The precious metals sector at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said four seals and platinum parts which are used for hallmarking gold have gone missing. The ‘theft’ was discovered during the annual inventory.

Following this, the Ministry has filed two complaints with the Public Prosecutor suspecting theft and waste of public money because the missing seals and platinum parts are classified as public money crime.

Sources noted the Ministry has taken legal and regulatory measures to protect public money and the market from manipulation following the ‘loss’ of these seals.

The sources explained the rate of purity of platinum on the six devices, is up to 99 percent, and worth nearly KD 600,000, which suggests theft is not ruled out.

In this regard, the sources said those who buy jewelry and gold should make sure that the seller is trustworthy and avoid those who sell for low price for fear the product may have been stamped with the use of stolen seals.



04 May, 2016 1692
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