Labor Recruitment Is To Be Limited To 20 Percent Of Needs

10 February 2016 Kuwait

The Manpower Public Authority is currently conducting a comprehensive study on assessing labor needs and putting into effect a ministerial decision on limiting labor recruitment from outside Kuwait to 25 percent of the workers each employers is entitled to hire, sources inside the authority said.

The sources also disclosed that suggestions had been made to reduce the ratio to 20 percent only or even 0 percent in some specialties. “The authority’s aim of this study of the decision that has been in effect for already a year now is to probe the impact of laborers arriving annually on Kuwait’s demography on the one hand, and determine local markets needs for them and their activities on the other,” the sources explained, adding that the study also compared labor markets in various GCC states, and that the main purpose behind the decisions was to regulate labor market rather than annoy employers.

Further, the sources highlighted that the authority constantly works on regulating the labor market and reevaluate organizational decisions with the aim of regulating labor in the private sector in ways that fully observe Kuwait’s greater good and public interests. “Once the study is complete, a full report with recommendations will be submitted to Minister Hind Al-Subaih to take the right decisions.



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