Kuwait-US Dialogue Tackles Student Visas, Borders
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High-level American and Kuwaiti officials convened a hypothetical bilateral working group for the fourth US-Kuwaiti Strategic Dialogue on consular relations and customs affairs. The discussions focused on how the United States and Kuwait can work together to better protect their citizens, protect their borders, while facilitating v trade and travel between the two countries.

Representatives of the United States expressed their happiness in welcoming Kuwait’s decision to extend the presence of US Customs and Border Protection advisory program staff in Kuwait to cooperate on border security issues. Despite the impact of the “Corona” COVID- 19 pandemic on the process of issuing American visas around the world, the two sides highlighted the measures taken to facilitate procedures for issuing visas to hundreds of Kuwaiti students wishing to study in the United States, and the two parties also indicated how to improve work on information exchange and training and enforcement of immigration and customs laws.

The group is chaired by Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Karl Rich and Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Ambassador Sami Al-Hamad. US Ambassador to Kuwait Alina Romanowski, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arab Gulf Affairs, Tim Lenderking, Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner for US Customs and Border Protection, Rebecca Salazar, and Deputy Counterterrorism Coordinator Hillary Batger Johnson made the American team.



20 Nov, 2020 523
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