Kuwaiti Citizen Acquitted In Charges Of Fraud
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The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen of charges of embezzlement and fraud after he allegedly defrauded a Kuwaiti woman in an investment deal for the purchase of a real estate property in Egypt.

According to the case file, the Public Prosecution charged the Kuwaiti citizen with defrauding the plaintiff after luring her to invest in the real estate sector in Egypt with the intention to dupe her based on his claims that he works in the real estate sector and is able to to invest on her behalf and generate profits from that investment.

The defendant managed to present the necessary documents which convinced the plaintiff, rendering her to transfer the required money, which is estimated to be KD 73 thousand, to the defendant. However, the defendant denied the charges but admitted to have taken some of the amount in the form of a loan.

Representing the defendant was Lawyer Enaam Haydar who argued that the evidence generated from the investigation was insubstantial and inconclusive in terms of the admission made by her client regarding receiving money from the plaintiff as a loan. She highlighted that the power of attorney presented by her client did not prove that he owned the land and real estate in question


Source:Arabtimes kuwait

05 Oct, 2020 347
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