Kuwait Was Receiving About 270 Egyptians Per Day In 2018
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An official issued by the Egyptian Statistical Authority revealed that there was an huge increase in the number of Egyptians who entered Kuwait during 2018, by more than 8,000 per month, which means that Kuwait was receiving about 270 Egyptians per day in 2018 reports Al Rai. 98,000 new work permits were issued to Egyptian nationals while permits were renewed for another 132,000.

Kuwait came second (after Saudi Arabia), in terms of permits issued to Egyptians to work in the Arab countries by 230,000 permits, including 221,000 males, and about 9,000 females, which constitute about 22.1 percent of the total work permits in the Arab countries .

Sources said that the number of permits issued to the Egyptian degree holders coming to Kuwait, is about 65,000 while permits issued to the non graduates averaged 11,000, and below qualification 91,000, and non educated 63,000.

These figures mean that only 28 percent of the 230,000 people who have been issued or renewed work permits have a university qualification, with the remaining (about three-quarters of the number) divided between average and below or without.

Saudi Arabia ranked first in the group of Arab countries in terms of permits, with 515,000, which constitute 49.2 percent of the total work permits in the Arab countries, distributed on 170,000 work permits for the first time, and 344,000 renewed permits. 

The official report confirms that the recent figures are much higher than the previously announced figures, the latest of which was published by Al-Rai on July 11, citing a statement of the Directorate of Manpower in Cairo, that it receives 5,000 monthly wishing to work in Kuwait to review their contracts and document the required documents and documents until The visa is obtained in cooperation with the Embassy of Kuwait in Cairo.



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