Kuwait Airways Will Restructure Its Fleet With Airbus
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A new agreement will be signed Monday to restructure Kuwait Airways' fleet of Airbus aircraft. It is the largest contract Kuwait Airways Corporation has signed with an aircraft manufacturer.

Al-Anba reports that the agreement includes acquiring a number of new Airbus aircraft across various models, sizes and capacities for the Kuwaiti fleet, which will mark an unprecedented qualitative leap in modernizing the Kuwaiti fleet in terms of number, types, sizes and capacities.

This strategy, the most important of which is keeping up with the latest technical and business developments in the world of aviation, is centered on safety and security, followed by providing excellent customer service which takes full advantage of its integrated and homogenous fleet according to the volume of demand, Especially with the Blue Bird's announcement about its next operational plan, which includes new destinations and overruns to existing destinations.

20 Feb, 2022 323
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