KD500 Financial Guarantee For Each Delivery Driver
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Holders of licenses for order delivery companies are waiting to regulate the registration of vehicles and motorcycles and the numbers allowed in each license, Al Qabas daily reported.

The sources said that the General Traffic Department, after setting a ceiling for each license to deliver requests to 15 motorcycles and 10 private cars, has suspended licenses registration for vehicles and bicycles until the regulatory decision is issued this January.

The sources revealed that the Public Authority for Manport (PAM) began collecting a fee of KD500 as a financial guarantee for every worker registered as a delivery driver to be returned to the company owner in the event that the worker leaves work or the company is closed.

The sources indicated that the license holders and the order delivery union intend to carry out a sit-in in the event that the regulatory decision is not issued, given that preventing licenses registration of vehicles and bicycles without a legal basis disrupts their interests and the interests of the commercial establishments for which they provide the service, especially restaurants. It indicated that there are 200 commercial licenses to deliver on demand for small projects.

The licenses for the delivery of orders serve about 30,000 licensed restaurants, in addition to the home projects, and the number of workers in each project ranges between 50 and 300 workers according to the ability of the owner of the license to license and pay financial guarantees.

The recent meetings with leaders of government agencies concerned with looking into these licenses, which demanded that their owners allow them to register vehicles and bicycles and raise the numbers until the regulatory decision is issued.



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