KD 100 Fine, Other Charges For Leaving Cars, Trucks On State Property
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Supervisor of General Cleaning Department at the Kuwait Municipality branch in the Capital Governorate Jamal Al-Fadhli has warned that an irrevocable fine reaching up to KD100 is imposed on owners of abandoned vehicles parked in State properties, especially once these vehicles are impounded and taken to the Municipality garage, reports Alrai daily.

Speaking to the daily, Al-Fadhli clarified the Municipality sends an initial warning to the owner of the car before impounding it, in addition to putting sticker with an ‘x’ mark on the abandoned cars for 72 hours and for 24 hours if the cars parked in State properties are for sale. He said the abandoned cars will then be taken to the Municipality garage and the inspector will note down details of the vehicle.

He added the owners should present proof of ownership when claiming impounded vehicles. On releasing impounded vehicles, he revealed the owner should visit the center where the car was impounded for the issuance of citation for KD100 fine with the possibility of referral to the court. He said the fees for towing and transferring the vehicles are as follows: KD 30 for a saloon car, KD 40 for a half lorry and KD 100 for heavy vehicles, in addition to KD 1 per day of parking in the garage. He went on to say that three months after the date of impounding the car, the Municipality has the right to sell it in public auction.

He affirmed that when impounding vehicles, the Municipality ensures the parts are safe and intact while noting down all observations about the exterior of the car. He added Shuwaikh Industrial Area has the highest number of neglected cars due to the presence of several garages in the area. He also unveiled the department’s plan to impound violating and neglected vehicles throughout the country in various stages.



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