Installing Dashboard Camera To Record Accidents
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Thank you so much for your free legal advice in the arabtimesonline. com. It is helping many people understand the legal intricacies in living and working here in Kuwait.

Kindly tell me installing a dashboard camera in my car to record accidents (if it happens) or to refute alleged violations is considered legal here in Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: We do not think there will be anything wrong in installing a dashboard camera in your car since by so doing you will not be breaking any law to the best of our knowledge. We must however point to categorically state if such data gathered by the camera can be admitted to a court of law or not. For your information the Arab Times recently carried out a news item saying that concerned authorities are mulling to install a device similar to a blackbox in all vehicles to help determine the cause of accidents. If this intention finally sees the light of the day we think it won’t be necessary for individuals like you to think of installing dashboard cameras in your vehicles.



11 May, 2017 743
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