Indian Maid’s Arm Severed Due To A Fall
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Riyad police said that the arm of the Indian domestic help Kasturi Munirathinam was amputated as a result of her fall from a residential building in her bid to escape.
Col. Fawaz Al-Maimaan, spokesman of Riyadh police, said that the case file of the maid was handed over to the branch of the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution. “The condition of the maid is stable and she will leave the hospital in the near future,” he said.
Al-Maimaan rejected false and baseless reports in various media outlets about the maid. “All people in the Kingdom are equal and they will get all their rights guaranteed by the law based on the Islamic Shariah,” he said.

With regard to what actually happened to Kasturi, the spokesman said: “Riyadh’s Al-Sahafa police had received information from a local hospital about admitting a domestic help in its emergency section, saying that the woman’s arm was severed following a fall. The domestic help, who arrived in the Kingdom nearly two months ago, was suffering from mental disturbances and therefore tried to flee the sponsor’s house.” According to Al-Maimaan, the maid made a rope ladder out of ragged pieces of cloth in order to escape out of the window of the sponsor’s apartment on the third floor of the building. However, she lost her balance and fell down, hitting on the edge of an electricity generator located on the lower part of the house. This resulted in severing her arm on the scene itself.

This was testified by eye witnesses, including her compatriots. When the sponsor heard about the incident, he rushed to the scene and took her to hospital.
The 58-year-old Kasturi is recuperating at the hospital after undergoing a series of surgeries there. Kasturi, who had complained about her sponsor’s harassment and abuse, alleged earlier that the sponsor chopped off her right arm when she tried to escape after being locked in. India has asked the Saudi authorities to take action. The embassy, through diplomatic channels, had lodged a strong protest and condemnation with the authorities, and these were based on the complaints of the maid.

16 Oct, 2015 1502
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