Huge Fines Set For Constructing Extra Rooms, Makeshift Flats On Top Of Roofs
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The head of the Municipality department concerned with demolishing encroachments on government land and illegal constructions in the Capital Governorate, Eng Abdullah Jaber, said “the construction of any building, such as extra rooms on rooftops, contrary, whether they are made of light building materials (makeshift) or concrete construction before obtaining the approval of the Municipality is a clear violation of the Municipal law and the regulations,” reports Al-Rai daily.

Jaber told the daily the Municipal Law No. 33 of 2016 and Ministerial Resolution 206 of 2009 regarding the construction system organizes that process and specifies the penalties and fines related thereto, especially that “Article 38 of Law No. 33/2016 set a fine of not less than 1,000 dinars and not more than 5,000 dinars determined by the judge, after proving the violation,” he said.

He explained “when the violation is determined by the competent regulatory body, a report is issued and a warning is sent to the owner of the property specifying the duration according to the type of violation, either to remove or to correct the infringing acts. In respect of the fine in case of encroachment, Jaber said that “Article 39 of the building code 209/2009 set these fines in accordance with the municipality law, which approved a fine of not less than 1,000 dinars and not more than 5,000 dinars per square meter in case of investment, industrial, commercial and service and not less than 50 dinars and not more than 500 dinars per square meter in private housing.”



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