Hardcore Criminal Arrested And Cocktail Of Drugs Seized
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Police have arrested an unidentified hardcore criminal and seized from him a cocktail of drugs and a large sum of money, believed to be proceeds of sale from drugs, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to security sources, the heavily armed man allegedly resisted arrest when his hideout was pin pointed, surrounded by securitymen and taken into custody.

Earlier, the daily had reported that the suspect had managed to escape when securitymen raided a farmhouse where all kinds of stolen goods were found and that the suspect was moving from place to place almost daily to evade arrest.

The daily added, the suspect was arrested in Andalus after receiving a tip-off from a police informer. After identifying his location he was caught red-handed while selling narcotics in the midst of strong resistance and an attempt to assault the detectives.



21 Nov, 2019 362
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