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I am working in Kuwait as coordinator on a government project visa. Since I was hired from abroad on a government visa the new rules won’t allow me to transfer to a private sector directly irrespective of the number of years I have worked in Kuwait. There are, however, some procedures through which there is a possibility. So, please help me with this situation. Recently I found out that by paying KD 350 we can transfer to the main file of the employer. Is this true?

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Answer: According to the current and other decisions on the subject, you can transfer only to another government project of the same sponsor, or another government project of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor.

We would like to add that there is a KD 300 fee for transfer from one government project, on its completion, to another government project which has a different sponsor. If you want to transfer to another government project of the same sponsor the fee will be KD 200.

Now, here is another possibility — the one you also mentioned. You can pay KD 350 to transfer your work permit, if you are on a government project, to the main file of the same sponsor. This would mean that you could ultimately land, if the sponsor wanted, in a private sector firm in this way.

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